Tahini Thermomix recipe

tahini thermomix recipe

Preparing tahini Thermomix recipe is simple and, above all, cheap! Tahini, or sesame butter, is a sesame seed paste widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine to prepare hummus, babaganoush and other delights, including desserts, such as the irresistible halva.

It can have a more or less fluid consistency, depending on what you have to do with it. I never eat it alone, first of all because it is a base, then also because ... 100 g have about 600 calories !!!!

But it never fails in my refrigerator. In the sauce compartment there are tabasco, Worchester sauce, soy sauce and… thaina! :-D

To prepare it, white sesame seeds are used, whose color ranges from white to beige. The whiter the seeds, the lighter your sauce will be.


(for 220 g)
- 150 g of sesame seeds
- 70 g of sunflower oil

Let's cook

Put 150 g of sesame seeds in the mixing bowl and lightly toast 2 Min. 90C Speed 2.

Transfer to a plate and spread them to cool quickly.

Remove the mixing bowl from the base and let it cool (once cold, you can also put it in the refrigerator for 3 Min.).

Put the seeds back in the dry bowl and blend 10 Sec. Speed 9.

Bring to the bottom and repeat once again 10 Sec. Speed 9. You have to get a flour.

Pour 70 g of sunflower oil and blend 30 Sec. Speed 4 to 6, gradually.

Bring to the bottom with the spatula and repeat 30 Sec. Speed 4 to 7.

Transfer to a small jar and refrigerate.


You can also toast the seeds in a skillet over medium heat. They just need to warm up and not color, otherwise they become bitter.

The color of thaina depends on the seeds you use: you can use white or darker ones.

It is essential to work the seeds avoiding to heat them too much with the friction of the blades. To understand if you have made a good thaina, try it: if it tastes like sesame, that's fine, if it has a bitter aftertaste it means that the seeds have overheated. If you follow the directions in the recipe you will have no problems ;-)

The tahini, if put in sterilized jars, also lasts several months. Make sure it is always perfectly covered with a light layer of oil.

Translated from the Tahina Bimby
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