Chocolate Cake with Thermomix

I know, it's a bit a shame, but in my fridge, there were still some Easter eggs made into pieces ....!

To have some more space in my fridge, I thought to use them to cook a chocolate cake with my Thermomix.

I took inspiration from this recipe There was a girl who had my same problem with the Easter eggs.

While preparing this cake I was a bit skeptical, but then I was really happy about the result!

When I first offered my aunt a slice of this chocolate cake she said: "no, noo I must hurry because I have to go to school".

Then she had a better look at the cake and told me "well, just a little piece because you made it".

At least she asked for a second slice!


- 250 gr Milk Chocolate (if you want from the Easter Egg)
- 110 gr Butter
- 4 Eggs
- 80 gr Sugar
- 40 gr Potato Starch
- 15 gr Flour 00
- 30 gr ZABOV

How to Prepare the Chocolate Cake

Put the butterfly in the Mixing Bowl and pour the egg whites. Beat the whites until soft peaks form. 2 Min. 37° Speed 4. Put aside.

Pour the egg yolks and the sugar in the Mixing Bowl. 3 Min. Speed 3. Put aside.

Remove the butterfly and melt the chocolate and the butter in the bowl. 3 Min. 60° Speed 3.

Add starch, flour, ZABOV and egg yolks with sugar. 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Put the mixture into the cake mold and gently, with a wooden spoon, add the egg whites with a movement from bottom to top.

Bake 30 Min. 180°.

My advice

With this quantity of ZABOV the cake can be eaten safely even by children (ok not too little...).

But for us adults, the ZABOV can also be used as a cream that can be served with the cake.

You can also add more Zabov according to the quantity of alcohol that you like or bear ....!

In your opinion, alongside the classic "drink use" in the glass of the Zabov, does this use in the cakes work?