Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur with Thermomix

Making a home-made Baileys liqueur is one of the biggest satisfaction Thermomix can give you :-) .

Many times I've been asked myself if it was possible to prepare a "home-made" Baileys liqueur without buying it. Then I received this recipe by Mary Tozza and I started to get down to work.

When I arrived home with all the shopping bags, I ensured my husband I wasn't going to begin drinking alcohol, but I just wanted to prepare him a "liqueury" surprise.

Baileys is a whiskey cream. It has a mild savour and is particularly tasty. It's an Irish liqueur, sold from the 26th November 1974, with the "official" name Baileys Irish Cream.

The great aspect of this fantastic creamy liqueur is that you can keep it refrigerated for weeks. The result is surprising, it really tastes like the original one, one of the next evenings I will serve a small glass of the original one and a small glass of mine...I'll see if someone notices the difference :-)

As always you find the links to prepare Baileys without Thermomix at the end of the recipe. There's also a video-recipe I found on YouTube :-) It's in Italian but I wrote down ingredients and procedure :-).

If you want to prepare other liqueurs with your Thermomix I suggest the Chocolate Liqueur, the Coffee Liqueur or the very good Limoncello Cream.


- 80 g White Chocolate
- 40 g Dark Chocolate
- 550 g UHT Full-Fat Milk
- 300 g Sugar
- 3 Egg-Yolks
- 1 tsp Vanillin (or vanilla sugar)
- 120 g 100% Ethyl Alcohol (that one ready to make into liqueurs)
- 50 g Whiskey
- 50 g Marsala Wine

How to prepare the Baileys Irish Cream

Grind chocolates. 10 Sec. Speed 6.

Add egg-yolks, vanillin (or vanilla sugar), sugar and milk. 5 Min. 80°C Speed 3.

Let cool.

When tepid add the three alcoholics and blend. 30 Sec. Speed 3.

Preserve in a dark bottle in a fresh place for at least a week, far from heat sources.

Shake well before use and pour.

Mary Tozza's suggestion

I followed this recipe and It was too much sweet, so I suggest you use less sugar!

My advice

Try to serve it in dark chocolate small glasses...drink, eat and let me know. ;-)

The Videorecipe to prepare Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur with Thermomix


- 400 g Fresh Whipping Cream
- 150 g Milk
- 250 g Sugar
- 2 Vanillin Sachets
- 1 Caramel Sachet
- 1 Lemon Zest
- 125 g 100% Ethyl Alcohol (that one ready to make into liqueurs)
- 50 g Whiskey

How to prepare Baileys with Thermomix

Grind sugar and lemon zest. 40 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add all the other ingredients except from alcohol and whiskey. 5 Min. 80°C Speed 2.

Let cool. Then add alcohol and whiskey and stir. 20 Sec. Speed 2.

Strain it, pour in a bottle and keep refrigerated.

Other recipe to prepare Baileys with Thermomix (Spanish) (Spanish)

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Translated from the Italian recipe
Bayles: Ricetta Bimby

Photocredit: caseywest