Amatriciana Pasta Sauce with Thermomix

Pasta all'Amatriciana (or alla Matriciana as someone writes) it's a traditional Italian recipe. So Thermomix must be able to do it!

I must confess I published this recipe after Angela's requests: she's a Thermomix-Recipes fan on Facebook and she asked me how to prepare Penne all'Amatriciana.

The dish is usually prepared with the famous Bucatini (a type of dry pasta). But I have a weakness for the Penne (another type of dry pasta) especially for mezze penne rigate (short version of penne). You may use the kind of pasta you prefer.

Another confession: this pasta sauce is my husband's favorite one. If he could, he would always eat it. I only need to prepare this sauce to make him happy. I think he is easily satisfied, isn't he?

What's your favorite sauce? That one you couldn't live without?

I'm sorry if you were waiting to see the picture for this sauce but I couldn't do it! Really! I prepared the sauce, I strained pasta, I mixed them together and everything disappeared in a flash! So, in a first moment, I could take only a picture of the most important ingredient in this recipe: guanciale (dried pork cheek).

I must say guanciale is really photogenic. I had fun taking pictures from all the angles shots. Also its colors are photogenic. The same impression I had taking pictures of radicchio. I thought it was beautiful!

However my friend Maddi is a vegetarian. So, when she saw that I had published a guanciale picture in the front-page she said: "this picture is horrible, a piece of meat like that..!". Because I love her, I decided to move it further down (not in the front-page anymore), and I exchanged it with pasta (I made conchiglie) that I dressed with amatriciana sauce. Maddi, is it better now?


(serves 4 people)

- 250 g of Guanciale in cubes
- 100 g of Water
- 80 g of Red Wine
- 1 Onion
- 400 g Peeled Tomatoes
- Spicy Chili (according your taste)
- Grated Pecorino

How to Prepare Pasta all'Amatriciana

Put the onion in the mixing bowl. 3 Sec. Speed 7.

Add water and guanciale.5 Min. 100° Speed 1 Counter Clockwise.

Add wine. 3 Min. Varoma Speed 1 Counter Clockwise. Simmer until evaporated. Cook for more minutes if needed.

Add peeled tomatoes. 20 Min. 100° Gentle Stir Counter Clockwise.

If you like a thicker sauce, lead up to Varoma during cooking, measuring cap inclined.

At the end of the cooking, add a little bit of spicy peperoncino and of pecorino to the sauce.

My Advice

I don't use oil during cooking. This is the recipe I follow and it's based on Nutritional Biotherapy teachings. It uses nutrition and diet in a clinical setting.

When I applied all my nutritionist's suggestions, I must say I had some benefits.

Because this recipe doesn't include oil, fats come to help: they melt and partly tied to wine.

Moreover, I don't even use pancetta (similiar to bacon). For a real Pasta all'Amatriciana you must use the Guanciale.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Pasta all'Amatriciana Bimby