Whipped Egg Whites Thermomix: How to Whip Egg Whites into Stiff Peaks with Thermomix

How can I whip egg whites into stiff peaks with Thermomix? With your Thermomix it will be a very easy operation, but you have to follow some very important rules, otherwise, it will be dreadful!

It’s something like whipping cream. It’s a very easy operation, but only if you observe some fundamental rules.

Many people wrote me: "Why my egg whites don’t whip into stiff peaks? Better to do it by hand!" Nooooooo! With Thermomix is very fast and you can obtain an excellent result!

Don’t you see the difference between making a Tiramisù while you’re doing other things (and Thermomix whips your egg whites in 3 minutes) and staying there a lot of time doing it by hand?

These advises will be useful to the preparation of different recipes, like the Tiramisù or the Chocolate Cake.


- From 2 to 10 Egg Whites
- 1 Pinch Salt

How to Whip Egg Whites into Stiff Peaks

Insert the butterfly in the mixing bowl.

Put egg whites and salt. 3-5 Min. (depending on egg whites quantity) 37° Speed 4.

Check by the hole when they are whipped into stiff peaks.

What you never have to forget to whip egg whites!

- egg whites don’t have to be cold from the fridge
- there hasn’t to be any trace of egg yolk
- put always the butterfly
- set temperature at 37°
- add a pinch of salt

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Albumi a Neve: Come Montare gli Albumi a Neve col Bimby