Whipping Egg Whites: How to Whisk Egg Whites Recipe

Whipping Egg Whites: How to Whisk Egg Whites Recipe

How to whisk egg whites with your Thermomix? This operation, thanks to our robot, is very easy, but you have to observe some very important rules, otherwise you risk a colossal flop! It is a bit like whipping cream: it is a very easy operation but only if some basic rules are respected.

Many, in the past years, have written to me: “Why don't the egg whites go stiff to me? Better to do it by hand! " Nooooooo! With the Thermomix it is very fast and the result is excellent! All the friends of the page can confirm it :-)

Do you want to make a tiramisu whipping in 3 minutes (while you do other things) rather than standing there and doing it by hand?

I'll tell you some fundamental "secrets":

- fresh eggs
- egg whites at room temperature
- no traces of yolk
- Dry and clean thermomix
- The eggs to be used for this operation must be fresh and checked, especially if you use the whipped egg whites for cold preparations.

The best thing is that the egg whites are at room temperature. I never quite understood why, but the fact is that when I use very cold egg whites the disaster is almost announced, however with the Thermomix the possibility of mounting them at 37 ° prevents the worst!

A well-known tip is not to drop the yolk in the egg whites, because it is fat and could slow down the formation of "foam". So, watch out ;-)

The Thermomix mixing bowl and the butterfly whisk, the knife must be clean and dry, to prevent liquids or powders from ending up in the middle of the egg whites, compromising the preparation.

These tips can help you in preparing different recipes. For example for Tiramisu or for Chocolate Cake.

Egg whites and firm snow for SAVORY preparations

The recipe for the Thermomix egg whites you find below is for sweet preparations. If you need to whip them until stiff for savory preparations, read how to do it below in the Tips.


- 4 egg whites
- 80 g sugar

Let's cook

To start: make sure that the mixing bowl and the butterfly whisk are clean and dry.

Do not use cold fridge egg whites, let them stay at room temperature at least 15 minutes.

Insert the butterfly whisk into the Thermomix mixing bowl.

Put 4 egg whites, 80 g of sugar and whip 3 Min. 37C Speed 4.

Transfer to a bowl and use the whipped egg whites as per recipe!


The egg whites should not be cold in the refrigerator, rather at room temperature.

I recommend: there must be no residual yolk.

Mixing bowl and butterfly whisk must be dry!

For savory preparations

(2 to 10 egg whites)

Insert the butterfly whisk into the Thermomix mixing bowl.

Insert the egg whites and a pinch of salt (or two drops of lemon).

Sets from 3 to 5 Min. (Depending on the number of egg whites) 37C Speed 4.

Check from the hole when the egg whites are stiff, possibly you can increase the minutes.

Translated from the Albumi a Neve: Come Montare gli Albumi a Neve col Bimby
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