Asparagus Norwegian Soup with Thermomix

The Asparagus Norwegian Soup recipe is a splendid international recipe I've recently found.

Preparing it during this season it would be ideal and you would enjoy all its taste. Autumn is the season I'm in love with. Maybe because of the weather, or the colours of nature, or the great pleasure of wrapping yourself in a blanket. It's almost cold outside and pampering yourself with a hot meal is becoming more and more pleasant. No matter if it is an afternoon tea, a hot chocolate in the morning or a soup for supper.

I think this recipe it's perfect for this season. A very particular savour, the asparagus one, but also delicate because of the heavy cream.

This is also an ideal meal for your children. Asparagus are well blended, so your children won't find those little pieces of vegetables they hate so much! ( sometimes adults do hate them too ;-) ). If you also consider that you add heavy cream to this preparation, the strong savour of asparagus is attenuated.

Thermomix makes this preparation easier and quicker obviously. A few minutes, and you will enjoy this tasty traditional Norwegian dish with your loved ones.

This recipe was sent by Antonella Santoro from Salerno, authoress of the Yoghurt Cake, who wrote me : "You have to try this recipe, it's delicious! I ate it in a Norwegian restaurant when I went to see the fjords".

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- 150 g Asparagus
- 1 Stock Cube ( or a tbs of Thermomix Stock Cube)
- 1 Green Onion
- 15 g Olive Oil
- Salt (to taste)
- Pepper (to taste)
- 2 tbs Potato Starch
- 400 g Water
- 80 g Heavy Cream

How to prepare the Norwegian Soup with Thermomix

Mince the green onion. 10 Sec. Speed 5.

Add oil and let season. 100°C 3 Min. Speed 1.

Add asparagus and let season. 100°C 2 Min. Speed 1.

Blend. Speed 5.

Pour in water and cook. 100°C 10 Min. Speed 1.

Add salt, pepper, heavy cream and potato starch lastly, reach Speed 5, you will avoid the formation of lumps due to the potato starch characteristic.

My Advice

You may also try it with lightly heated croutons. The combining is perfect! You will have a light but nutritious meal.

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Zuppa Norvegese con Asparagi Bimby - Norwegian Soup