Peanuts Biscuits with Thermomix

Do you like peanuts? This Peanuts Biscuits recipe is perfect for you! It will help you to involve your favourite nuts in a biscuits recipe.

Do you think it is a strange ingredient for a sweet recipe? Well, I got the same impression but now I'm sure of what I'm saying: these biscuits are delicious! Very crunchy and most of all buttery! I love this kind of biscuits!

I must admit I am a biscuits lover! I totally adore when it's breakfast time, I can't wait to dip my biscuits in a hot cup of tea! That's why I suggest all the biscuits lovers like me to try this recipe. You will fall in love with it!!

What about peanuts? Peanuts are rich in nutrients, providing over 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients. Peanuts are a good source of niacin, folate, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, manganese and phosphorus. They also are naturally free of trans-fats and sodium, and contain about 25% protein (a higher proportion than in any true nut).

While peanuts are usually considered high in fat, they primarily contain “good” fats also known as unsaturated fats. One serving of peanuts contains 11.5 g unsaturated fat and 2 g of saturated fat.

Peanuts provide a lot of health benefits, they contain antioxidants too.

The recipe has been sent by Lily Tang, a follower of the Facebook page of Thermomix Recipes who wrote: "My mum passed this recipe to me. She is using Thermomix over there as well (she lives in Brunei). I made this recipe for 3 times already and it is very nice so I'm sharing it with you".

What can I say?? Thanks so much Lily!! :-)

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- 250 g Peanuts
- 300 g Self-rising Four
- 50 g Corn Flour
- 250 g Soft Butter
- 180 g Sugar
- 1 Egg

How to prepare the Peanuts Biscuits with Thermomix

Put the peanuts in the mixing bowl and grind. 6 Sec. Speed 10.

Add self-rising flour. 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Pour out this mixture in a big bowl aside.

Put soft butter and sugar in the bowl. 1 Min. Speed 4.

Add the egg. 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Now pour half of the peanut and flour mixture into the bowl and mix for 10 Sec. Speed 3.
Then pour the other half. Other 10 Sec. Speed 3.

Pour out into a big bowl and then roll out and make into biscuit shape as you want.

Then put them on a grease baking tray and bake at 180°C for 20 Min.

My Advice

Please pay attention to peanuts, the main ingredient of this recipe!! As I said before, peanut provides a very good quantity of good substances but for some people with peanut allergy, exposure can cause fatal anaphylactic shock. For these individuals, eating a small amount of peanut or just breathing the dust from peanuts can cause a fatal reaction.

You may always say what these biscuits are made with :-)

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