Rice Pudding: How to Prepare it with Thermomix

Rice Pudding: How to Prepare it with Thermomix

Want to go back to being a child? There is a simple dessert that everyone, at least once in their life, has tasted: rice pudding. Thermomix rice pudding is a spoon dessert that you can find practically all over the world.

There is English rice pudding, Spanish arroz con leche or French caramel rice pudding, to name a few.

And do you know why it is so widespread?!? Obvious: because it is delicious! Few well-dosed ingredients give a sweet that I find very pleasant to enjoy in a moment of relaxation, like when I watch a good movie. But a Spanish friend, I assure you, ate it for breakfast!

You can serve your rice pudding however you like: without anything, with a sprinkle of cinnamon, or with a sprinkle of cocoa.

Here is my recipe for rice pudding with the Thermomix. Enjoy your meal ;-)

With rice you can prepare other very good desserts, such as rice pastiera, St. Joseph's rice fritters, biscuits with rice flour.

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(8 people)
- 1000 g whole milk
- 35 g condensed milk
- 200 g rice
- A vanilla bean (or a tsp of vanilla sugar)
- 100 g granulated sugar
- Bitter cocoa powder to taste

Let's cook

Insert the butterfly whisk.

Pour 1000 g whole milk into the mixing bowl and .

Add 35 g condensed milk, 200 g rice, a vanilla bean cut in half and cook 35 Min. 90C Speed 1.

Combine 100 g granulated sugar and continue cooking 5 Min. 90C Speed 1.

Remove the vanilla bean.

Pour the pudding into a suitable mold or into 8 individual molds and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.

Let it cool first at room temperature and then in the refrigerator for 3 hours.


As an alternative to cinnamon, you can sprinkle the pudding with bitter or sweetened cocoa.

Translated from the Budio di riso Bimby
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