Vanilla Sugar with Thermomix: How to Make Flavoured Sugar

Would you like a totally natural vanilla flavour? Here is the recipe to make Vanilla Sugar or Vanilla Flavoured Sugar with Thermomix which can be used instead of a vanillin sachet. Incredible, isn't it?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this recipe on cookaround! I always wondered what was inside that vanillin sachet.

Once again Thermomix allows me to prepare some basic ingredients in a simple and natural way.

Who should I thank for this? Esterina, also known as blauewolke, who posted this recipe on cookaround. Thanks a lot Esterina!

I brought a large quantity of high quality Vanilla Beans from Egypt, and I looked for good recipes that could best bring out their quality.

You can use this vanilla sugar for the Wild Berry Cheese Cake or for the Thermomix Custard.

About preservation, Esterina told me vanilla sugar has the same expiration date as the sugar itself, that means you just need to look at the expiration date of the sugar. She writes the sugar expiration date on the vanilla sugar box. She recently used vanilla sugar made a year ago, and it was still perfect! Of course she air tightly sealed it in a glass container.


- 1 Vanilla Bean
- 200 g Sugar

How to Prepare Vanilla Sugar

Put the entire bean in a glass container without cutting it.

Add the sugar and close the container.

You can fold the bean in half if it is too long for your container (as Esterina suggested! I didn't fold it).

Let the vanilla with sugar sit for a week. Esterina suggested for 3 days, but I increased it a little bit.

You should shake the container everyday, so that all the sugar makes contact with the bean.

After a week (or 3 days as Esterina said) put the sugar and the vanilla bean into the mixing bowl of your Thermomix. Grind 15 Sec. Speed 10.

Pour this vanilla sugar into an hermetic container and close it.

One tablespoon of this vanilla sugar replaces a vanillin sachet.

My Advice

I used 3 vanilla beans and 600 g of sugar so that I could entirely cover the beans with sugar putting them in a tomato puree bottle.

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Zucchero Vanigliato Bimby: come aromatizzare lo zucchero