Coffee Liqueur with Thermomix

Coffee Liqueur with Thermomix

Coffee, sugar and alcohol, a very short list of ingredients for this scented Thermomix coffee liqueur to offer to your guests after a lunch or dinner, or to give you a boost of energy in times of fatigue!

Unlike other coffee liqueur recipes, this one is very practical, because you don't have to steep the coffee beans in alcohol for days on end, but simply combine the coffee with the sugar and alcohol syrup.

I always like to welcome my guests well, whether they are old friends or more formal acquaintances. This is why I always offer an after meal as the icing on the cake, after a lunch or dinner prepared with the Thermomix.

If, on the other hand, we are with the family, I offer my husband a glass of coffee liqueur after Sunday lunch, while he relaxes on the sofa ...

Like the other liqueurs I have at home, I keep the Thermomix coffee liqueur at room temperature in winter and cool in summer.

You can also add a drop of it in preparations such as coffee custard, to give a more intense and slightly alcoholic flavor.

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- 3 measuring cups of coffee prepared with mocha
- 300 g sugar
- 1 tsp of vanilla sugar
- 2 measuring cups of pure alcohol at 95° or scotch

Let's cook

Prepare the coffee with the mocha, about 2 coffee makers of 4 cups. Use it still hot: put 3 measuring cups of coffee in the mixing bowl, add 300 g sugar, a tsp vanilla sugar and blend 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Remove the lid and let it cool for about 30 Min.

Add 2 scoops of pure alcohol at 95° (or scotch) and blend for 20 Sec. Speed 4.

Bottle the liqueur and put it to rest in the dark for 3 days before serving.


You can serve the liqueur at room temperature or cold.

You can replace the vanilla sugar with vanilla extract or with the seeds obtained from half a vanilla bean. In this case, filter the liqueur with a fine mesh strainer.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Liquore al Caffè col Bimby
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