Coffee Liqueur with Thermomix

Would you like to make a coffee liqueur? This recipe is a really simple and quick one. It will also let you prepare a very good "coffee killer with coffee"! We call it "Ammazzacaffè", and it is a small glass of liqueur usually consumed after coffee to dull its taste. An Italian only tradition I suppose :-)

Coffee, sugar and alcohol, a very short ingredients list for a lovely perfumed liqueur to offer to your guests after a lunch or after a dinner prepared with Thermomix, or to give yourself a boost in a moment of tiredness!

Respect to other coffee liqueurs recipes, this one is really simple because you mustn't soak coffee grains in alcohol for many days, but you just have to add coffee to sugar and alcohol.

I like receiving my guests in a good way, old friends or more formal acquaintances. That's why I always serve an after-meal liqueur as the icing on the cake after a lunch or a dinner prepared with Thermomix. While if I am with my family, I usually offer a small glass of coffee liqueur to my husband chilling on sofa after a Sunday lunch...

I preserve it at room temperature in winter and keep refrigerated in summer like the other liqueurs I have at home.

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The first recipe of the coffee liqueur has been sent by Maria Gabriella from Torino, a fan from the Italian Facebook Page (English page); she also sent the Savoury Bomboloni recipe.
Here you are what she says about the coffee liqueur: "I found the recipe on some websites I can't remember which ones. I changed the quantities a little bit according to my personal taste and after some variations I decided this version was the one I liked the most".


- 500 g 100% Ethyl Alcohol (that one ready to make into liqueurs)
- 500 g Sugar
- 500 g Espresso Coffee

How to prepare the Coffee Liqueur

Prepare coffee, pour it in the bowl with sugar and mix. 20 Sec. Speed 3.

Let cool for 30 Min.

Add alcohol and stir. 10 Sec. Speed 3.

Pour in bottle.

Maria Gabriella's advice

To give the liqueur more aroma, you can add a stick of vanilla while cooling and remove it after 30 minutes are passed.

My Advice

You may use this coffee liqueur to give an alcoholic taste to your Tiramisù cake. It could be your secret ingredient to prepare a very special Tiramisù cake ;-). Don't tell anybody...

The second recipe to prepare a coffee liqueur with your Thermomix is a Manu's recipe. Here you are:


- 500 g 70% Ethyl Alcohol (that one ready to make into liqueurs)
- 500 g Sugar
- 12 Mocha Cups of Coffee
- 1 Vanilla Stick

How to prepare the Coffee Liqueur

Prepare coffee. (Two 6-cup mochas)

Pour sugar and coffee in the bowl and mix 20 Sec. Speed 3.

Add vanilla and let cool for 30 Min.

Add alcohol remove vanilla. Stir and the pour in bottle.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Liquore al Caffè col Bimby