Zucchini, Carrot and Shallot Risotto with Thermomix

Zucchini, Carrot and Shallot Risotto with Thermomix

Are you looking for a risotto recipe? 

I suggest you try this zucchini, carrot and shallot risotto, I call it Italian tricolour risotto

This is a good and healthy dish. Its ingredients are rice, of course, zucchini, shallot and carrot...so the three Italian flag colours: green, white and red! It's also a perfect recipe to prepare for children who hate eating vegetables, mostly because of their colour and the idea they have of them but not for their taste. 

That's why when I bring some "disguised" recipes to the table my children always say that "it is yummy mum!"

While if I leave vegetables into pieces, they often don't taste their dishes at all. 

The end justifies the means and to make them eat healthy food I make an additional effort which is not that great because Thermomix does everything by himself! :-)))) 

I get a great satisfaction when I prepare something very healthy for my closer ones! 

If you're looking for other vegetarian risottos, try the Vegetables Risotto, the Artichokes Risotto, the Herbed Rice and the Rice Stuffed Tomatoes. While if you want to eat other Italian tricolour recipes I suggest the Zucchini and Tomatoes Mini-Pizzas and the Thermomix Lasagne with Pesto, Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella.


- 1 shallot 
- 30 g extra virgin olive oil
- 1 carrot 
- 1 zucchini 
- 80 g Parmesan Cheese 
- 600 g water 
- 300 g rice 
 - salt to taste

Let's cook

Put the shallot and 30 g of extra virgin olive oil in the mixing bowl. 

Place the measuring cup on the lid to avoid splashing and chop 10 Sec. Speed 10

Stir fry 3 Min. 120C Speed 1

Add a carrot and a zucchini and mix 10-15 Sec. Speed 5

Place the butterfly whisk. Add 300 g of rice and toast 5 Min. 100C Speed Soft

Pour 600 g water, add a tbs of Thermomix stock, salt and cook for the time indicated on the package 100C Reverse Speed Soft

Add 80 g of Parmigiano Reggiano and cook for 1 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.


If you want a more marked "Italian tricolour" effect, you can replace carrot with tomato, or cook rice, dress it with vegetables you cooked apart and unify three different risottos creating an Italian flag shape.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Copyright: Risotto Zucchine, Carote e Scalogno col Bimby from Thermomix Recipes
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