Amaretti and Peach Tart with Thermomix

Would you like to prepare a delicious Amaretti and Peach Tart? Then follow this simple recipe and you will be able to offer and taste a very unique dessert.

Pate brisée is a French butter based pastry dough we use in Italy in savoury recipes, but in the United States it's often used as a base for desserts. In this recipe amaretti and peaches (fresh or canned) "sweeten" the tart and give a unique flavour.

All you need is some amaretti, canned peaches and some butter to offer a very special dessert to guests and family.

My daughters don't like amaretti taste so much. That's why I've decided to prepare two small tarts for them only, with peaches and brown sugar. They liked them so much and my younger daughter said she wanted more!

It is Antonella Dolza's recipe from Forno Canavese (To) who wrote: "It is a recipe I had from a very close colleague of mine. I replace pate brisee with puff is absolutely more delicious!".

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- 1 Pate Brisee Dose (from the basic cookbook) or 1 Puff Pastry Dose
- 100 g Amaretti
- 1 Peach Jam Jar
- 3 Fresh Peaches or 1 Big Can of Peaches in Syrup
- Gelatine Powder as needed

How to prepare the Amaretti and Peach Tart

Prepare Pate Brisee and keep refrigerated. 30 Min.

Cover a baking pan with greaseproof paper.

Roll out the pastry inside the baking pan leaving a bit high edges. Crumble amaretti on it and cover with jam.

Put some peach slices on the tart.

Bake. 45 Min. 180°C.

Remove from the oven and cover with gelatine.

Let it cool down and keep refrigerated.

Antonella's advice

You can dress your tart with some candied cherries before baking it.

My advice

I would match this tart with a small glass of Amaretto di Saronno or I would use this liqueur to soak peaches before putting them on the tart....your choice!

I also suggest you try a variation with custard instead of jam because the latter can be too sweet. Try is delicious!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Crostata Amaretti e Pesche col Bimby

Photocredit: megan.chromik