Blancmange Blanc Manger with Thermomix

Biancomangiare Blancmange Blanc Manger with Thermomix

Have you ever prepared the Blancmange (Blanc Manger) with Thermomix In Italian it is called Biancomangiare. It is a very good and ancient dessert, which even has medieval origins.

It is a typical dessert from two Italian regions that are very distant from each other: Sicily and the Aosta Valley.

Biancomangiare in Sicily is also called Biancu Manciari, while in the Aosta Valley it is called Blanc Manger.

I followed the typical recipe of Sicily.

This dessert is also cooked in France with the name Blancmange.

Some make the version of blancmange with biscuits.

In short, it is a spoon dessert,a pudding, based on almonds, which can be prepared in many different ways depending on family and regional traditions.

It is a perfect recipe for someone like me, who loves good but practical and healthy cooking for her family.

My children like to eat it as a snack and I find it very nutritious because it is based on almonds! Since I make the almond paste myself, I know very well what's inside ;-).

It is also an excellent solution to amaze my guests with something delicious to prepare in a short time, especially when my husband makes last-minute dinner invitations. :-) And all this thanks to my irreplaceable Thermomix!

Following this link find out how to make the almond paste yourself. The doses are more abundant ... so with the remaining almond paste I made some almond granita.

You can find the English version of this recipe here: Blancmange blanc manger with Thermomix

Good cooking with the Blancmange Blanc Manger with Thermomix!


(8 people)
- 300 g almond paste
- Zest 1 lemon
- 800 g water
- 80 g corn starch

Let's cook

Put 300 g almond paste and the zest of a lemon in the mixing bowl and chop 10 Sec. Speed 10.

Add 500 g water and chop 20 Sec. Speed 10.

Add another 300 g water and 80 g corn starch and cook 8 Min. 80C Speed 3.

Pour into single-portion silicone cups or into a large pudding mold.

Let it cool to room temperature then refrigerate overnight.

When ready to serve, decorate with chopped pistachios and lemon zest.


If you like, you can add cinnamon before cooking.

Translated from the Biancomangiare Bimby
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