Almond Granita with Thermomix

Almond Granita with Thermomix
The almond granita is a classic of Sicilian breakfasts or summer snacks !!! 

As for the coffee granita, this granita is also very good accompanied by brioche col tuppo (the brioche with the dome). 

 The extraordinary thing, which amazes me every time I think about it, is that granita was prepared since ancient times, when the refrigerator and freezer were not even conceived! 

Today we take it for granted but, in reality, even my grandmother didn't have a fridge and freezer. To be honest, my father tells me they didn't even have an oven in the house.

To cook tomatoes with rice, for example, you went to the bakers and paid for something ... It seems like another world! 

To return to granita, to prepare it in ancient times, snow from the mountains (the Madonie in Sicily) was used and kept in straw mattresses. This snow was then washed down with syrups (for example, almonds) and granita was obtained. Well, today everything is much simpler. And what a help the Thermomix gives us !!!

Do you know that you can make almond paste yourself with the legendary Thermomix? read my recipe on how to make almond paste!


- 1000 g water
- 100 g white sugar
- 1 tsp glucose syrup
- 350 g almond paste

Let's cook

Put 1000 g water, 100 g white sugar, a tsp glucose syrup in the mixing bowl and heat 6 Min. 80C Speed 3.

Add the chopped almond paste and melt 3 Min. 80C Speed 3.

Transfer the liquid to a shallow container, let it cool and place in the freezer for at least 5 hours.

When the granita has hardened, cut it into squares, put it in the mixing bowl and blend Speed 4 until you get a creamy granita.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Granita di Mandorle col Bimby
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