Lemon Swiss Roll with Thermomix

Saying the Lemon Swiss Roll is tasty seems to be reductive...no exaggeration, it is really delicious!

This recipe has been sent by Stefania and I'm very happy to publish it because it is one of my favourite lemon desserts. I love its deliciousness and its simplicity in making it with Thermomix.

Every time I prepare it my friends go crazy for it! A friend of mine once has brought me some lemons from Sicily and has explicitly asked me to prepare a Swiss roll with lemon custard using them!

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For the custard:

- 120 g Water
- 30 g Butter
- 30 g Corn Starch
- 150 g Sugar
- 2 untreated Lemons grated peels
- 2 Lemons juice

For the roll cake:

- 3 Eggs
- 120 g Sugar
- 120 g Flour
- 60 g Vegetable Oil (peanut seeds here)
- 1/2 sachet Baking Powder (about 8 g)
- 1 Vanillin sachet (0.5 g) or Vanilla Sugar
- 1 Lemon Peel

How to prepare the Thermomix Lemon Swiss Roll

Prepare the custard:

Put sugar and lemon peel in the bowl. 10 Sec. Speed 10.

Add the rest of the ingredients. 7 Min. 80°C Speed 4. Put aside.

Prepare the roll cake dough.

Put sugar and lemon peel in the washed bowl. 20 Sec. Speed 6.

Add eggs, oil and flour. 45 Sec. Speed 4.

Then put in baking powder and vanillin (or Vanilla Sugar) 15 Sec. Speed 5.

Pour this mixture in a baking pan with greaseproof paper and bake. 15 Min. 180°C. (into preheated oven).

Place a damp tea towel on the work surface and cover with icing sugar. When the dough is cooked put it on the sugar.

Delicately remove greaseproof paper, roll the dough on the shorter side and let it get cold.

When cold, gently unroll and spread it with lemon custard. Slowly roll the cake up again and keep refrigerated wrapped in tin foil.

Remove tin foil the following day. Cut into 1 cm thick slices and serve after it stayed at least an hour out of the fridge.

Stefania's advice

This roll cake is yummy also with a Nutella spread filling!

How to prepare the Thermomix Lemon Swiss Roll without Thermomix


Translated from the Italian recipe
Rotolo Bimby con Crema al Limone

Photocredit: procsilas