Peach Iced Tea with Thermomix

It's hot and there is nothing better than drinking something fresh: why don't you try making a peach iced tea? Yes, with Thermomix!

Tea is a fantastic drink, very versatile!
This recipe has been sent by Maria Romanelli, a fan from the Italian Facebook page of this website (English here).

It could seem a very common recipe, in short who does prepare tea with Thermomix? Use a kettle and stop. But I can tell you a very long series of important advantages.

First of all, when you go on holiday your house could not have a gas cooker, but only electricity. I nearly go mad everytime I have to use those camp stoves like cooker...
Thermomix is also useful when it's hot and you don't want to turn on any stove that could give off heat. Then using Thermomix the timer goes on his own while you do other things and don't care about the cooking. When 10 minutes are over it alerts you. Doesn't it? It is even more convenient when you have children around because you avoid having pans or kettles with hot water on the stove.

In short, this idea of making tea with Thermomix is brilliant :-)

If you fancy another fresh drink with peach you may try the Peach Fruit Juice. While if you fancy something slightly alcoholic and fruity you may try the Orange, Apple and Sherry Cocktail.

Other recipes with peaches: Peach Yogurt Cake.


- 1.5 L Water
- 30 g Sugar
- 3 Tea Bags
- 2 Peaches (or Plums)

How to prepare the Peach Iced Tea

Put water and sugar in the bowl. 10 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Insert the simmering basket with 2 peaches cut into pieces and 3 tea bags. Let infuse until it gets cold.

Remove the simmering basket and pour in a bottle.

Maria's advice

It's also good if you replace peaches with plums.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Tè Freddo alla Pesca col Bimby