Peach Iced Tea with Thermomix

Peach Iced Tea with Thermomix Why not try making peach iced tea with the Thermomix?Yes, with the Thermomix!

Tea is a fantastic and absolutely versatile drink! In summer, consumed cold it is thirst-quenching.
But ... how sad the tea in a plastic bottle prepared with the powders ... why not make it at home? It may seem like a very trivial recipe, in short, what need is there to make tea with the Thermomix?

Put a saucepan and go. Well, I can list a number of advantages that are absolutely not negligible. First of all, when staying in holiday homes there is often no gas, but only the electricity. I always go crazy with the electric stoves they make available ...

The Thermomix is comfortable even when, in the hot season, you don't want to turn on even a stove that could give off heat. And then let the time go, vacation! You do other things and don't worry about having to check the cooking. When the minutes are up he warns you. No? With children it is further comfortable because you avoid having small pots on the fire with hot water. In short, this thermomix peach iced tea seems like a good idea :-)

If you fancy another fresh drink with peach you may try the Peach Fruit Juice. While if you fancy something slightly alcoholic and fruity you may try the Orange, Apple and Sherry Cocktail. Other recipes with peaches: Peach Yogurt Cake.


- 1.5 L (1500 g) water
- 30 g white sugar
- 3 tea bags
- 2 peaches

Let's cook

Put 1500 g of water, 30 g of sugar in the mixing bowl and bring to the boil 12 Min. 100C Speed 1.

Put the simmering basket with 3 tea bags in the mixing bowl (hook it with the spatula and let it slide in to not burn yourself!).

Leave the tea to brew for the time indicated on the package, if you prefer it light, decrease the brewing time. Remove the sachets. 

Put 2 well-ripened peaches, cut into pieces, in the basket and leave to infuse. 

Wait for the tea to cool down, remove the basket with peaches and pour the tea into a bottle.


You can replace peaches with plums. For a more fruity and full-bodied flavor, after having poured the tea into the bottle, you can put the peach back into the mug and blend it in a few sec. Vel. 7. Then add the pureed peach to the tea and pour it with the help of a funnel through a sieve into another bottle. This way there will be no peach pieces in the tea. Instead of granulated sugar, you can use brown sugar or muscovado sugar.

Put the bottle in the refrigerator for a few hours and then serve.

Translated from the Italian recipe Tè Freddo alla Pesca col Bimby
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