Apple and Strawberry Jam with Thermomix

One of the most original thing I love making at home with Thermomix is the Apple and Strawberry Jam!

It is a very dainty recipe that Tiziana suggested last year. She is a follower of the Italian Facebook page of this website (English here) and she always prepares this jam because her children love it :-)

Everytime you prepare an homemade jam it is very important that you give the right importance to sugar and fruit amounts because fruit defines the vitamin intake whilst sugar determines the calorie intake.

There is no better choice that could have been done: strawberries are real beauty allies being formed of 90% water they hydrate our cells, they are reach in fibres (that increase our sense of satiety), they maintain your regularity, they are antioxidant and anti cellulite :-), they also whiten and protect your teeth because they contain xylithol. Moreover they are antioxidant and are good for our brain because they help maintaining our memory in good health.

How could you need more? Of course I know strawberries are a bit allergenic so they are not that good during breast-feeding.

Apples are very good in case of gastro-enteritis diarrhoea, gall stones, slimming diets and their consumption is permitted to diabetics. Moreover they don't favour intestinal fermentation as other fruits do and they are rich in mineral salts and B vitamins.

Maybe some dentists could be shocked by what I'm saying but I love eating an apple at the end of a meal because it feels like washing my teeth! :D

You can prepare many jams with Thermomix. I suggest you try they Plum Jam, the classic Strawberry Jam, the tasty Cherry Jam and the delicious Fig Jam. Try them and let me know :-)

What can I say? Maybe.....enjoy your meal!


- 500 g Strawberries
- 500 g Apples
- 350 g Sugar
- 1 Lemon

How to prepare the Apple and Strawberry Jam

Put apples cut into pieces and the peeled lemon (without white part too) in the bowl. 10 Sec. Speed 5-6.

Add strawberries and sugar. 30 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

Pour jam in jars, close them and put them upside down until cold.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Marmellata di Mele e Fragole col Bimby

Photocredit: ZioDave