Apple and Strawberry Jam with Thermomix

Apple and Strawberry Jam with Thermomix

How about spreading a fantastic jam on bread in the morning? Apple and strawberry is a smart recipe, because the pectin contained in apples helps to thicken what usually remains a "soft" jam.

Whenever you are preparing to make homemade jam it is important to give the right weight to the quantities of sugar and fruit, because fruit defines its vitamin supply, while sugars determine the amount of calories and also the conservation (more sugar is there, the longer it is stored).

In this case, you could not have chosen a better fruit: strawberries are true allies of natural beauty :-). Of course, as far as I know, they are also a little allergenic and therefore they do not go well during breastfeeding.

Apples, on the other hand, are very suitable for gastroenteritis, gallstones, slimming diets and can be consumed in case of diabetes. In addition, unlike other fruits, they do not favor intestinal fermentations and, among other things, they are rich in minerals and B vitamins.

Maybe the dentists are shivering, but I find it fantastic to eat an apple after meals because I seem to brush my teeth! : D

What to say more? Maybe ... enjoy your meal!
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- 500 g apples
- A lemon
- 500 g strawberries
- 400 g sugar

Let's cook

Put 500 g apples cut into pieces with a peeled and seeded lemon in the mixing bowl. Mix 10 Sec. Speed 5.

Add 500 g of stalk-free strawberries and 400 g sugar and cook 30 Min. 100C Speed 1.

Continue cooking 10 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 1.

With a spoon remove any foam that has formed.

Pour the boiling jam into the sterilized jars, close them and place them upside down until they have cooled down.


The quantity of sugar can vary according to the maturity and sweetness of the strawberries and apples.

Translated from the Italian recipe Marmellata di Mele e Fragole col Bimby
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