Strawberry Milkshake: How to Prepare It with Thermomix

Would you like to prepare a very good and very quick strawberry milkshake? You need a few seconds to make a fresh and tasty milkshake with simple ingredients: strawberries, milk and ice.

I love milkshakes, those fresh and soft drink I always associate with summer and...with a paradise on a sun-bed and a palm just there!

To say the truth I also like strawberry flavour itself, I go crazy for the strawberry ice cream and the strawberry tiramisu cake (both with Thermomix).

I prepare this milkshake for my daughters' snack time, as an alternative to the banana milkshake. They really love it. But in this case I don't use ice because it could cause them stomach ache.

If you like milkshake too, I suggest you try the Oreo Cookies Milkshake.

But now let's see how to prepare the strawberry milkshake with Thermomix.


- 50 g Sugar
- 70 g Ice
- 350 g Strawberries
- 300 g Milk

How to prepare the Strawberry Milkshake

Put sugar in the bowl and grind. 10 Sec. Speed 9.

Add ice. 10 Sec. Speed 8.

Add strawberries. 10 Sec. Speed 8.

Pour milk. 2 Min. Speed 3.

Nico's suggestion on how to prepare the Strawberry Milkshake

Nico is a follower of the Italian Facebook page of this website (English here) who always say about his mother thermomix recipes.

Nico loves the milkshake his mother prepares for him and he suggested a variation to the basic cookbook recipe: before putting strawberries (or your favourite fruit) insert the butterfly tool. Then decrease speed to 3 or the butterfly will "fly" away, as many friends on Facebook advised. In this way, some delicious strawberry pieces will remain in your milkshake.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Frappè alla Fragola Bimby: Come Preparare il Milkshake alla Fragola