Pear Jam with Thermomix

If you have lots of pears in your fridge and don't know what to do, you may prepare a pear jam with your Thermomix

We have got a fantastic pear tree in our country house. Those small delicious pears, very sweet and not perfectly shaped but absolutely gorgeous to eat. But when it's time for the bearing, I've got a really big quantity of pears.

The fridge is packed. We all like eating a fresh pear cut into pieces but as my fruit is not treated, it does not last for a long time.

So, what can I do with all these pears? A part from giving them to relatives and friends :-) I use my Thermomix: pear fruit juice, chocolate and pear cake, gorgonzola cheese, pear and walnut risotto, pear souffle.

But the fundamental way to use pears is preserving them of course. A pear jam could not miss in my jams list. The procedure is very similar to the one used in other jams preparation (fig, plum, strawberry, apple and strawberry, apricot, peach and amaretti biscuits, cherry).


- 1 kg Pears
- 250 g Sugar
- 1 Lemon Juice

How to prepare the Pear Jam

Peel pears and remove the cores.

Put pears, sugar and lemon juice in the bowl. Cook. 40 Min. 100°C Speed 2.

Place the simmering basket upside down on the bowl to avoid splashes.

Prolong the cooking if you want a thicker jam. A few minutes Varoma Temp.

Then pour the jam into jars, cover with lid and put upside down to vacuum pack.

Donatella Roca's advice

Donatella Roca has given me some suggestions about cooking pear jam. She's particularly suggested the "dish test" to check the cooking. It means you take a teaspoon of jam and put it on a small dish. If it does not pour, it is ready!

My advice

You can put your jam inside small jars :-) Ready to be packed and given as small Christmas presents!

Other recipes to prepare the Pear Jam

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Translated from the Italian recipe
Marmellata di Pere col Bimby