Sugar Paste Recipe Thermomix

The sugar paste recipe is a very useful one if you want to decorate your cake with a little bit of originality.

It is a very particular past that can be coloured and shaped in a lot of ways, just think of some beautiful wedding cakes with more than one level...they seem unreal at times :-)

I've asked Molly to send me the recipe. She is a fan from the Italian Facebook page of this website and I once saw her own Facebook page where there are lots of pictures of her sugar paste creations, very very pretty ones

To be quite honest I thought it was more difficult to prepare. Then I've found out ingredients are easy to find and preparation is very simple indeed. Using Thermomix you also have that usual fun and you think your sugar paste is even better :-)

A birthday, a baptism or anniversary parties are good occasions to practise and create various creative decorations, as sugar paste can be coloured as you like and as intense as you prefer!

Try making your decorated cake using sugar paste and send me your recipe, I'll gladly publish it :-)


(for 500 g Sugar Paste)

- 450 g Icing Sugar
- 5 g Gelatine Leaves
- 30 g Water
- 50 g Glucose (or Honey)

How to prepare the

Soak gelatine leaves in cold water.

Once it has melted add glucose (or honey), and let it melt on a very low heat until liquid and transparent like water.

Pour icing sugar in the bowl and add the liquid mixture while the knives are moving at Speed 3.

To have the right consistency you can regulate the mixture by adding teaspoons of icing sugar or of water. You must have a pretty thick mixture shaped as a ball.

Remove from the bowl and use it to decorate your cake as you prefer :-)

Molly's advice

You can also heat the liquid inside the microwave oven but pay attention! It should not boil.

How to prepare Sugar Paste without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Pasta di Zucchero: Ricetta Bimby per Decorare le Tue Torte

Photocredit: iPasticcidiMolly