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Thermomix Homemade Mascarpone Cheese Recipe

This is a fantastic thermomix recipe: the mascarpone cheese! When my friend Gianni told me about it, I hardly believed it.

Come on, I said, how can you do your home-made mascarpone? You usually go to a supermarket and buy it! Surprisingly, I've found the recipe on cookaround and I immediately tried it. The recipe is by Senior Cookino who wrote: "Here is a pretty good recipe to make your own mascarpone. I've tried it and, apart from calories, it is really a superb recipe."

Well, I did not have any doubt about calories :) but can you imagine how different will be preparing a Tiramisù Cake or a Strawberry Tiramisu Cake, a Mascarpone Cake Filling or the lovely Chocolate Balls, the Wild Berry Cheesecake or the Puff Pastry Cake with Hazelnuts and Almonds using your home-made mascarpone??

Let me know what do you think about it!

If you are looking for other home-made cheeses, you might like the Primosale Cheese one.


- 500 g Whipping Cream
- 500 g Full-Fat Milk
- a pinch Salt
- 30 g Filtered Lemon Juice

How to prepare the Thermomix Homemade Mascarpone Cheese Recipe

Put all the ingredients in the bowl. 12 Min. 90°C Speed 1.

Let it get cold in a fresh place until it thickens.

Now let the mixture filter. Pour it on a napkin placed over a bowl. Keep it refrigerated for 15 hours in the bottom part of your fridge.

What remains inside the bowl is mascarpone. You must preserve it in a container closed with lid.

Muchwork's advice

Muchwork suggests using this mascarpone one day after the end of preparation.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Mascarpone Bimby



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