Thermomix Pretzel Recipe

Pretzel, also called laugenbrezel, pretzl, brezel or brezn depending on the region where it is produced, is a very popular type of bread all around the German area.

When Barbara Vigiani sent me this recipe, I immediately felt like trying it! Eating it while drinking a good pint of beer is just what it is made for! :-)

The pretzel shape is a distinctive symmetrical looped form, with the ends of a long strip of dough intertwine brought together and then twisted back onto itself in a certain way ("a pretzel loop"). It is then dipped in a boiling solution of water and soda bicarbonate just before the baking. Its characteristic dark colour is the result of this procedure, called Laugengebäck. A pretzel is usually covered with coarse salt, but it may be flavoured with cumin and anise.

This has been said to be the most ancient snack in the world! There are numerous accounts on the origin of the looped pretzels, as well as the origin of the name; most agree that they have Christian backgrounds and were invented by monks who gave pretzels as a reward to children who learned their prayers.Then they have been associated to religion, as their shape could resemble a child with his arms crossed in prayer and the three holes accounting for the Holy Trinity.

Making this shape is something peculiar and experts makes a particular movement to shape the pretzel in less than 3 seconds! Years of training are needed to do that to perfection but I'm happy with my slow movement :-) the result is the same.

As the authoress of the recipe Barbara reminded me, the traditional way of eating pretzels suggests you cut them in a half and spread with butter. But, to say it all, the Germans usually stuff these delicacies with Weißwurst (veal white sausage) and lots of mustard!

I can prepare pretzels with my Thermomix, therefore I'll be able to prepare and celebrate a perfect German-style Oktoberfest. :-)

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12 Pretzels

For the dough
- 500 g Flour
- 250 g Water
- 15 g Yeast
- 10 g Salt
- 10 g Baking Powder
- 15 g Lard

For the dip
- 500 ml Water
- 2 Tsp Soda Bicarbonate

How to prepare the Pretzels with Thermomix

Mix flour, yeast and baking powder. A few Sec. Speed 4.

Add water, lard and salt. 2 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

Let the dough rest for half an hour in a warm place.

Make water boil with soda bicarbonate.

In the meantime shape your pretzels. YellowSaffron website explains this procedure perfectly!

When shaped, cook in hot water with soda bicarbonate for 30 Sec. each.

Strain and let dry.

Then cover with coarse salt and bake for 13-15 Min. in pre-heated oven at 220°C/428°F.

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Translated from the Italian recipe
Brezel col Bimby

Photocredit: anaulin, mdid