Thermomix Chocolate Nougat Recipe

Nougat, or Torrone in Italian, has been recognised as a traditional Italian product and it is amongst the tastiest candies and sweets of Christmas time.

One of its most modern varieties is the Chocolate Nougat, and it literally drives me crazy! Chocolate slowly melts in your mouth in an extraordinary senses delirium...mmmh it must not be missing.

Nowadays nougat can be soft, crumbly or hard ("spaccadenti" as we say in Italian, meaning teeth-breaker), with almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts, nuts or candied orange peels, but among these flavours and ingredients the chocolate one is a real gem!

It is really impossible to forget chocolate nougat when talking about nougat. A candy loved by anyone, young and older people, women and men, babies and adults, does it really exist? Yes, it does! It is chocolate nougat of course!

Chocolate nougat creates a perfect combination with wine called Barolo Chinato. Thanks to the presence in both of them of contrasting sweet-bitter flavours there is the right balance between wine and chocolate sensations: nose-palate length of chocolate perfectly encounters the strong aroma and nose-palate intensity of wine.

And you? Have you ever thought of preparing a chocolate nougat? I recommend you try making it and I can assure you, you'll taste a healthy and full of flavour delicacy!

If you like chocolate, try the Chocolate Panettone, the Chocolate Balls, the Soft Chocolate Turron, the Chocolate Liqueur or the traditional biscuits Rame di Napoli.

So let's go discovering these very easy recipes and let's have some fun!

Recipe 1
This is Maria Alfieri's recipe. She is from Naples.


for 750 g / 1 Kg of nougat

- 200 g Dark Chocolate
- 200 g Milk Chocolate
- 400 g White Chocolate
- 200 g Nutella Spread or Gianduja Spread
- 150 g Roasted Hazelnuts

How to prepare Thermomix Chocolate Nougat

Put dark chocolate in the mixing bowl and grind. 20 Sec. Speed 8.

Melt 5 Min. 60°C Speed 4.

Use melted chocolate to cover a bread pan. Keep refrigerated for about 30 Min.

Prepare the filling in the meantime.

Put milk and white chocolate inside the bowl. You do not need to clean the bowl. Grind 20 Sec. Speed 8.

Then melt 5 Min. 60°C Speed 4.

Add nutella spread while mixing. 5 Sec. Speed 6.

Add hazelnuts stirring with thermomix off.

Put this mixture inside the bread pan covered with dark chocolate and keep refrigerated for 3 hours.

After that, serve nougat on a serving dish.

Maria's advice

"Listen to me, it is delicious. Everyone thought I had bought it!

Recipe 2
This is Simona Ferreri's recipe. She is from San Giuseppe Vesuviano.


- 150 g Dark Chocolate
- 200 g White Chocolate
- 250 g Milk Chocolate
- 250 g Nutella Spread
- 250 g Hazelnuts

How to Prepare Thermomix Chocolate Nougat

Put dark chocolate cut into pieces in the bowl and melt it. 2 Min. 75°C Speed 3.

Pour melted chocolate inside a silicone bread pan and cover its sides and its base. Help yourself with a spatula if needed. Keep it refrigerated.

Put white and milk chocolate in not-cleaned bowl. Melt 4 Min. 75°C Speed 3.

When liquid, add nutella and hazelnuts, whole or ground, and mix well.

Take the silicone mould out of the fridge and fill in with the chocolate mixture.

Then keep it refrigerated during a night.

On the following day cut chocolate nougat into slices and serve!

Simona's advice

"It is luscious. It's worth a taste".

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My advice

Once you prepare it you may give it as a gift for Christmas simply wrapping it in a pretty food wrapping paper and decorated with bows.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Torrone al Cioccolato con il Bimby

Photocredit: Maurizio