Thermomix Soy Milk Recipe

Thermomix Soy Milk Recipe

Being able to count on your irreplaceable and indefatigable Thermomix, you can get a homemade Thermomix soy milk: genuine, of your taste (preparing it more or less full-bodied) and cheap. Not bad, right?

Light and digestible, soy milk is an excellent drink for you and your loved ones who cannot drink cow's milk or simply prefer a valid alternative. With this milk, it is also possible to prepare puddings, cakes and various sweets. How about trying these or other preparations that come to your mind? I can't wait to know what you will propose!

Soy Milk represents a valid alternative to cow's milk for those who are intolerant or suffer from an allergy or simply prefer not eating animal products.

It is a truly good product with no cholesterol, saturated fats, lactose or casein. It provides our organism with essential proteins containing amino-acids.

In addition, as you can rely on your irreplaceable and tireless Thermomix :-) you can obtain a genuine product, according to your personal taste (making it more or less thick), and in a cheap way obviously. Not bad, uh?

Soy Milk is light and easily digested, it is a very good beverage for you and your closest ones who cannot have cow's milk or simply prefer an alternative to it. This milk can be used to prepare puddings, cakes or other dessert and sweet treats. What about experimenting any preparations? Just let me know what you will come up with at the end, I can't wait to hear from you!

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100 g of soy beans
1000 g of water + 400 g

Let's Cook

Wash 100 g soy and soak it in a bowl full of water for 18 hours.

Rinse the soy thoroughly and put it in the jug. Add 400 g of water and blend 2 Min. Speed 7, until the soybean has completely blended.

Add 1000 g water and cook 20 Min. 100C Speed 1.

During cooking, stop the Thermomix, remove the lid and remove the foam that has formed with a large spoon.

Let the milk rest for 10 Min. Then filter with the help of a narrow mesh strainer lined with sterile gauze. Put the milk in a bottle and when it is cold transfer it to the fridge


You can flavour the soy milk according to your tastes, adding half a vanilla bean in the cooking and sweeten it with raw sugar or honey. You can add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to the filtered milk to make it more suitable for the taste of the little ones ore you can add a tbsp vanilla sugar).

Soy milk must be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 days.

Do not throw away the soy waste, which you have filtered: they are excellent to use to make meatballs or to add to bread dough.

Translated from the Italian recipe Latte di Soia Bimby
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