Thermomix Apricot Slice

Thermomix Apricot Slice

When I received this Apricot Slice recipe I was so happy I finally could try this deli I've always heard about!

It is a great snack and most important thing it is healthy. I've heard of many people who want to change their food habits, trying to eliminate industrial snacks and all those unhealthy meals.

Well I believe this is one of those recipes to start off. Preparing this on a Sunday morning it is a great way to have your snacks for the whole week. Have you ever tried doing so? I often do it, and I prepare different things every Sunday. My children cannot wait for Monday to begin with their "weekly treats" :-).

Then I added this Apricot Slice recipe to my favourite weekly snacks to be prepared. Moreover I provide my daughters with a good portion of fruit everyday. ;-)

I love apricots, what about you? I think this Thermomix Apricot Slice is just perfect to eat a delicious fruit like apricot.

This lovely recipe is very good for my children who adore eating fruit. They love carrying these treats with them at school and even asked me to prepare them with other kind of fruits! I love Thermomix! :-)

However, this delicacy is good for adults too (I'd say especially them :-)). Everyone will love it during a classy afternoon tea and why not eating it for your breakfast? It will wake you up in a flash with all its sweetness and taste.

This recipe has been sent by Rebecca Erhard from Perth, Australia. She told me: "You can add different fruit if you want" and I think I am going to do it very soon again!! Love fruity goodies!! :)

Apricot Slice is not only made by fruit. It is enriched by oats and coconut which both create a crunchy consistency and match perfectly with apricot softness.

If you like Apricots as much as I do, you may try the Apricot Jam and the Apricot Fruit Juice.

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- 50 g Apricots
- 120 g Butter
- 2 tbsp Golden Syrup or Honey
- 1/2 tbsp Bicarbonate of Soda
- 1/2 tbsp Water
- 100 g Rolled Oats
- 130 g Plain Flour
- 150 g Caster Sugar
- 70 g Coconut

How to prepare Thermomix Apricot Slice

Heat oven and grease a line 28x18 cm flat tin.

Place apricots in TM bowl and chop for 10 Sec on Speed 5. Set aside.

Add butter and golden syrup/honey in bowl and cook for 1 Min 60°C Speed 2.

Add bicarbonate of soda and water and mix for 5 Sec. Speed 2.

Add oats,flour,sugar,coconut and apricots into bowl ns mix 10-20 Sec. Speed 1.

Spread mixture into pan and cook for about 20 Min. till light brown and golden. Allow to cool then cut.


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