Thermomix Zabaglione

Thermomix Zabaglione

Is there a zabaglione snack in your childhood memories? Who hasn't tasted fresh zabaglione? A very simple and frothy cream made by hand by mum or grandmother. Today you can relive those magical moments thanks to the Thermomix eggnog recipe !!

The zabaglione is prepared by beating the egg yolks and sugar for a long time and then flavoring the mixture obtained with a wine or liqueur. Thanks to the Thermomix it takes less time and the result is really light and fluffy, as well as with an incredible flavor!

The secret of the success of this cream lies in the eggs, which must be fresh, and in the combination with the right fortified wine, such as a good Marsala, Vin Santo or an excellent Moscato.

The recipe is also versatile and lends itself to interesting variations: you can also prepare Thermomix zabaglione with chocolate and coffee!
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8 people serving

- 4 yolks
- 70 g sugar
- 50 g Marsala
or Vin Santo or an excellent Moscato (fortified wine)

Let's cook

Place the butterfly whisk.

Put 4 egg yolks at room temperature and 70 g sugar in the mixing bowl and whisk 4 Min. 37C Speed 3.

Add 50 g Marsala and continue to whisk 7 Min. 70C Speed 3.


The eggs must be very fresh and the zabaglione, following preparation, must be dense and frothy.

For more intense coloring, use white eggs that have darker yolks.

You can use the zabaglione to fill your desserts or you can serve it in four individual cups, sprinkle the surface with bitter cocoa and serve accompanying it with dry biscuits, fresh fruit or whipped cream.

You can use this cream for tiramisu and you will see what a special flavor!

Instead of Marsala you can use Vin Santo or Moscato.

Pour zabaglione in four individual small cups, dust with unsweetened cocoa powder and serve with shortbread biscuits, fresh fruits or whipped cream.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Zabaione Bimby

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