Thermomix Zabaglione

Thermomix Zabaglione

The Zabaglione, also known as Zabaione or Zabajone, is one of the classic Italian cooking preparations. It is a super luscious custard :-P, with eggs, sugar and wine or fortified wine.

This sugary custard is prepared by whipping egg yolks and sugar for a pretty long time and then by flavouring this mixture with wine or liqueur and finally by cooking it in a bain-marie until foamy and thick.

I've read many interesting curious facts about the origin of Zabaglione on

"One of this traditions tells that it was "invented" in 1500 near Reggio Emilia by chance. Emiliano Giovanni Baglioni, a commander of mercenary troops arrived in Reggio Emilia and camped there. As he was starving he sent some soldiers to plunder the near peasants' fields, as usual in that period. However this action did not bring that much. Giovanni Baglioni only had eggs, sugar, some wine and some herbs. Then he just mixed it all and gave it to his soldiers instead of the usual soup and they were very satisfied. Vulgarly, Giovanni Baglioni was called "Zvàn Bajòun" then the custard was first called "Zambajoun" and finally Zabajone and Zabaglione.

Another important story tells that this egg-based mixture was first prepared in Turin, in the XVI century when it was called San Baylon custard, then just Sabayon to remind of Pasquale Baylon, a monk, which is the cooks patron saint.
More certain stories come from Mantova. The oldest recipe is from Mantova indeed, and the author is claimed to be a cook at the Gonzaga family court. Here it is: "To make a zabaglione: you must use six fresh eggs, one pound and a half sugar, six ounces white wine, mix it all, then take a stone pan of the good size, add two ounces of butter and when melted, add the egg mixture. Cook. You may add some ground cinnamon, a quarter, to have a homogeneous taste. [...]

In Venice around the XVII century people had a custard with the same characteristics of a Zabaglione, that came from the Dalmatian coasts, called Zabaja in local dialect. The name could originate from this too.

Probably all these traditions are partly romanticised and considering the great diffusion of these simple ingredients, a custard like zabaglione could be popular even in older times: for instance, in 1533 a Zabaglione like dessert was served, even if iced, at Catherine De Medici court. It is very likely it was prepared in more ancient times too.

The author of this recipe is Mina D'Adam from Apulia who wrote: "I make this custard for my tiramisù and it is always a success".

You can match this custard with Moscato d'Asti or Moscato di Noto wines.

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8 people serving

- 2 Eggs
- 2 Egg-Yolks
- 300 g Marsala wine
- 150 g Sugar
- 300 g Whipping Cream

How to prepare Thermomix Zabaglione

Whip cream.
Place the butterfly tool in the cold TM bowl (keep it refrigerated for a bit) and pour cream inside it. 1/2 Min. Speed 3. Keep refrigerated.

Add egg yolks, eggs, marsala and sugar. 5 Min. 70°C Speed 2.

Blend the mixture at the end of the cooking. 1 Sec. Speed 7.

When the zabaglione is cold, mix it with whipped cream.

My advice

Eggs must be very fresh and the zabaglione at the end must appear thick and foamy.

Pour zabaglione in four individual small cups, dust with unsweetened cocoa powder and serve with shortbread biscuits, fresh fruits or whipped cream.

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Translated from the Italian recipe
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