Thermomix Caramel Fudge

Thermomix Caramel Fudge

Can you believe it? You can make your own Caramel Fudge in your Thermomix!

Forget those long hours of stirring your fudge in a your machine does it for you! And what a result!!

Fudge is a typical British and American confectionery. It is very sweet as it is made by mixing sugar, butter and milk heated and then beaten while it cools so that it acquires a smooth and creamy consistency.

Of course it can be flavoured with many things, chocolate, mint, peanut butter, but the most famous is absolutely the simplest one: caramel!

Moreover the Thermomix makes it so easy! It is a long preparation but you do not have to stay in front of the machine all the time! You can go around home and do your house works, stay with your children or husband, or chat with your friend on the phone! :-)

Although it is not an "healthy" food as it is a very rich preparation, you won't stop making it again and again! But do not exaggerate with the amount of caramel fudge you eat, the sense of guilt is always there to make you concern about your waistline...I warned you ;-)

Children will love this, I do not need to say that, and they will ask you to prepare more flavours too! My daughters asked me to prepare different versions of it, have you got any recipes? If yes, then send me your own recipe and I will publish it! :-)

The recipe I am posting is from, and it is absolutely magnificent! I loved it since the moment I read the ingredient list! :-) Enjoy it!


- 395 g Condensed Milk (1 tin)
- 500 g Caster Sugar
- 150 g Unsalted Butter cubed
- 55 g Golden Syrup
- 2 tsp Heilala Vanilla Bean Paste

How to prepare

Place sugar into Thermo bowl and mill. 1 Min. Speed 10.

Add remaining ingredients except vanilla and cook 30 Min. 90ºC Speed 2 MC off.

Cook 30 Min. Varoma Speed 2 using basket on top of lid to prevent spatter.

Cook 4 Min. Varoma Speed 4 using basket on top of lid to prevent spatter.

Add vanilla through hole in lid and beat 1 Min. Speed 4 MC in.

Pour into large buttered tin and allow to cool for hours and hours and hours.

Tenina's advice

Don’t be tempted to refrigerate to speed it up, just let it cool on the bench! The core temperature of the fudge will definitely take hours so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

My advice

Why don't you try this fudge with a beautiful spoon of Mascarpone Cream? I'd also try it accompanied with some Custard Ice Cream or even a classic Thermomix Custard.

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