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Avocado Dip Thermomix Recipe

Avocado Dip Thermomix Recipe
Avocado Dip with Thermomix is so easy and quick to make you will hardly believe it!

Here goes the secret of dips: if you have a good processor, you can make your own in no time!
This simple recipe is really going to make a difference. It takes more time to open a packet and place the content into a nice plate, than to make your own homemade one :-)

Check this out and try it straight away: it's so simple you can even adjust the taste according to your liking by adding or reducing garlic and lemon juice.
Below is my favourite formula, what's yours?

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- 3 Avocados
- 1 Spicy Chilli (optional)
- 2 Garlic Cloves
- 100 gr Cream Cheese
- 1 tsp Ground Cumin
- 2 Spring onions roughly chopped
- The Juice of 1 Lemon
- Fresh Coriander leaves to taste
- Salt e Pepper to taste

Let's make our Avocado Dip

Peal avocados and put aside.

Place the garlic cloves and the chilli into the Thermomix bowl and process for 5 Sec. Speed 8. Scrape down sides.

Add all of the remaining ingredients and use the turbo function a few times, until the desired consistency is reached.

My Advice

This amazing dip goes very well with corn chips. Add finely chopped dried tomatoes for a splash of colour and taste.

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Copyright: Avocado Dip Thermomix Recipe from Thermomix Recipes
Photocredit: SaucyGlo


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