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I discovered an exciting news regarding the Thermomix! The Thermomix production house, Vorwerk, has announced that it is developing a new accessory which in English is called Thermomix Friend®. In Italian we call it Bimby Friend®.

What is Thermomix Friend®?

It is not a new model of Thermomix, it is an accessory!

What can I use it for?

You can use it for low speed cooking. So, you can put a mixing bowl on this accessory to continue cooking for a long time at low speed and another mixing bowl stays on your Thermomix to make other recipes :-D . Great, isn't it?

For us, 9 in the family, it could also be very convenient to double the portions. Therefore, ideal for large families but also for those who have to prepare a dinner or lunch for many guests.

Which Thermomix models can it be used with?

You can use it both with TM5 and TM6. Not with tm31.

What about the price?

In Europe the price should be 399 euros (without mixing bowl) and 499 euros (with mixing bowl included).

In Australia and New Zeland is not yet known!

When will it be available for purchase?

In Australia and New Zeland it should havecome out in the middle of 2021, so probably around May / June of 2021. But, unfortunately, I found out that it is not sold in Australia. Someone citing some safety concerns. Others say It seems to have something to do with the stirring + heating, and concerns maybe about the lid not being locked.

In Europe il should come out in December 2020.

Do you know something more? I can't wait to find out more!

Translated from the La novità: Thermomix Friend® (Amico Bimby®, Bimby Amico®?)
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