Peanut Butter Cookies Thermomix

Peanut Butter Cookies Thermomix
Here are the best biscuits in America: cookies !! Here you'll find the recipe for making Thermomix peanut butter cookies :-)

You know that you can make peanut butter with our legendary Thermomix right? Check my recipe ;-).

These biscuits have an intense dried fruit flavor, which lights up thanks to the chocolate chips. If you prefer, you can also not add the chocolate chips of course ...

I find them magical and very dangerous cookies, because I would eat a pan without even thinking twice! Luckily when I take them out the dance begins around the table and then ... as soon as they get a little cold, the assault starts :-D.

Good cooking with Thermomix peanut butter cookies! Share the photo of your cookies on my Facebook page ;-)


(35 pieces)
- 140 g soft butter
- 200 g sugar
- 160 g brown sugar
- 2 eggs
- 40 g whole milk
- 320 g plain flour
- 5 g baking powder
- 10 g baking soda
- 250 g peanut butter
- 130 g chocolate chips

Let's cook

Weigh 40 g whole milk in the measuring cup and set aside.

Place the butterfly whisk and put 140 g butter into small pieces, 200 g sugar, 120 g brown sugar and 2 eggs in the mixing bowl and mix 30 Sec. Speed 4.

With the blades moving at Speed 2 slowly pour the 40 g milk set aside through the hole in the lid.

Add 320 g plain flour, 5 g baking powder, 10 g baking soda and knead 30 Sec. Dough Mode.

Add 250 g peanut butter, 130 g chocolate chips and Mix 30 Sec. Dough Mode.

Leave the mixture to rest in the fridge for 1 hour.

Turn on the oven at 170 degrees.

With the help of a spoon, arrange the dough in "piles" on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, distancing them well from each other (they spread a lot during cooking !!).

Before putting them in the oven, gently squeeze the piles with slightly moistened fingertips.

Sprinkle the biscuits with 20 g of brown sugar and bake for 15-20 Min. At 170C.

Remove from the oven and let cool before removing from the plate.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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