Lemon iced tea recipe Thermomix

Lemon iced tea recipe Thermomix

What better relief from the heat than a fresh Lemon iced tea Thermomix ? One of the most consumed drinks of the summer is prepared in a moment and without effort in the mixing bowl of the legendary Thermomix.

I don't like sugary drinks very much, but when the pressure drops and I feel sluggish, a good drink with sugar and even a little theine cheers me up :-)

To keep my supply always available, I bought some glass with a pressure cap that reminds me so much of my childhood.

Homemade iced tea has that extra flavor missing from the tea you buy at the plastic bottle supermarket ... preparing it is like giving myself a little luxury, knowing that you are sipping a drink made with the chosen ingredients in the plastic bottle!

If you also like the idea of Thermomix lemon iced tea, try the peach iced tea too: you'll have more choice when you open the refrigerator door!


(6 people)
- 1500 water
- 30 g of sugar
- 3 tea bags
- One organic lemon (zest)

Let's cook

Pour 1500 g water and 30 g sugar into the mixing bowl and bring to the boil 12 Min. 100C Speed 1.

Insert the basket with 3 tea bags and leave to infuse for a few minutes as indicated on the package.

Then remove the sachets. If you let the tea steep too much, the tea becomes bitter.

Put the peel of an organic lemon in the basket and leave to infuse.

Wait for the tea to cool, remove the basket with the lemon peel and pour the tea into a large bottle.

Put the bottle in the refrigerator for a few hours and then serve.


For a more fruity flavor you can also add lemon juice.

Instead of granulated sugar, you can use brown sugar or muscovado sugar.

You can change the doses according to your tastes, leave the tea to infuse even less time if you have to give it to the children, or add more sugar.

Translated from the Tè freddo al limone
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