Fruit Bavarois with Thermomix

Are you looking for a very fresh recipe for your summer? So you must try this fruit bavarois, and you will delight yourself and your guests during summer evenings.

You can choose the summer fruits you like the most like strawberries, cherries, melon, or peaches, apricots etc. mixed with cream and put on a base made from biscuits, they will create a fresh dessert that you may use in every occasion.

I love preparing sweets, they are one of the dishes I like preparing the most, maybe for they are complementaries, for they are palatable, for they are something you offer to people you love as a sign of your tender feelings, to your friends so they can see you are pleased to host them, to children around you who will be amazed and delighted.

But during summer, I don't feel like using the oven and I prepare "fridge" recipes. This one comes from Katia De Girolamo from Bitritto who writes: "I made it more particular just putting it in a silicone pan, so I did the recipe backwards. I made it with strawberries, cherries, and melon which is the tastier....but, you know...choose fruit according to your personal liking".

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- 500 g of Fresh Fruit (Melon, Cherries or Strawberries)
- 150 g of Sugar
- 500 g of Whipping Cream
- 12 g of Gelatin Sheets
- 200 g of Biscuits
- 100 g of Butter

For the topping
- 120 g of Sugar
- 250 g of Fruit
- 6 g of Gelatin Sheets

How to prepare Fruit Bavarois

Leave the gelatin sheets to soak in cold water for 10 Min.

Put the butter in the bowl and melt it. 3 Min. 50°C Speed 1.

Add biscuits and blend. 10 Sec. Speed 7.

Cover a baking pan of 26 cm diameter with greaseproof paper.

Put the biscuits mix in the baking pan and roll it out. Help yourself with a spoon. Let sit in the fridge for 15 Min.

Put sugar and fruit in the bowl and cook. 5 Min. 70°C Speed 1.

Add gelatin (after you squeeze it) and homogenize. 1 Min. Speed 7.

Put aside and let it cool.

Put the mixing bowl in your freezer, install the butterfly and whip cream just a little bit. Few seconds Speed 2/3.

Unify cream and fruit and pour this mixture on the biscuits base.

Let sit in the fridge for 3 hours.

If you want to dress the surface of the cake, put fruit with sugar in the bowl and cook. 4 Min. 70°C Speed 1.

Add gelatin (after you leeave it to soak in cold water and squeeze it) and homogenize. 1 Min. Speed 7.

Pour this last mix on the thickened bavaris and put in the fridge for 1 hour.

Dress with some whipped cream and serve.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Bavarese alla Frutta col Bimby

Photocredit: jorgempf