Traditional Italian Carnival Desserts

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Are you looking for recipes to prepare traditional Italian carnival desserts with the Thermomix?

Here I have collected all the recipes for carnival sweets to be prepared with the Thermomix.

There are all kinds and all tastes! You can even make the same dessert with different recipes.

In Italy the Carnival period lasts more or less from after Epiphany (January 6) until the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (which is 40 days before Easter).

During this period we Italians prepare many desserts! These are mostly fried desserts, but some can also be baked in the oven.

There are castagnole that can be fried, baked, crispier, softer (with potatoes), with chocolate, filled with ricotta, filled with chocolate, filled with cream, soaked in liqueur or even salted with vegetables or with cheese.

Then there are the frappe, which in some places are called chiacchiere (chatters) and in others bugie (lies). These can be made fried or baked, or with chocolate. In some areas of Italy they are called crostoli and are also filled with jam or chocolate.

And then there are some typical sweets such as sanguinaccio which is a kind of black chocolate pudding that was once made with pig's blood (sangue means blood).

There are sweets typical of some regions, such as the Tuscan berlingozzo (a soft and fragrant cake), the Sardinian fatti fritti (fried donuts), the migliaccio napoletano (Neapolitan miles), which has millet as its main ingredient and which can be decorated with colored sugar paste.

And then there are modern desserts such as the Arlecchino cake that I translated Thermomix Rainbow Swirl Cake Recipe (in honor of a carnival mask called Arlecchino), which has a completely colored filling.

Other modern sweets are stelle filanti (streamers) and coriandoli (confetti) which are sweets reminiscent of typical carnival paper decorations. In short, there is really plenty of choice!

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