Italian Carnival Castagnole with Thermomix

Castagnole, Zeppole (St. Joseph's Puffs), Tortelli Milanesi are three of the different names given to these Italian Carnival fritters according to the region where they are prepared as for the Chiacchiere, Crostoli, Frappe Recipe.

This recipe (and its picture) has been sent by Janine.


- 250 g Potatoes
- 500 g Water
- 500 g All Purpose Flour
- 100 g Melted Butter
- 1 Lemon Peel
- 1/4 Measuring Cup Rum
- 3 Eggs
- a Pinch Salt
- 30 g Fresh Brewer's Yeast
- 30 g Sugar
- Oil to fry

How to prepare the Italian Carnival Castagnole

Pour water in the bowl and put potatoes in the simmering basket. Cook. 20 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 2.

Let potatoes get cold.

Put all the ingredients in the bowl (including potatoes). 2 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

Use a teaspoon to take small dough balls.

Fry these small dough balls in hot oil.

When they rise up it means they are ready.

These Carnival Delicacies must be served with icing sugar on top of them.

Janine Bakhuis

My advice

You can eat the castagnole soon as they are ready, well hot, together with a hot chocolate cup or with whipped cream.

Children (not only them) eat up these fritters when cold too spread with some icing sugar, as Janine wrote, or with Caster Sugar.

You can use other liqueurs like anisette or Strega liqueur instead of rum.

In Campania, St. Joseph's Puffs are not shaped as small balls but like doughnuts filled with custard or cream. But this is another recipe :-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Castagnole, Zeppole, Tortelli Milanesi col Bimby