Cinnamon Cookies: Thermomix Recipe

Cinnamon Cookies: Thermomix Recipe
Thermomix cinnamon cookies are very easy to prepare and are very good to eat alone or dipped in hot milk, in a cup of flavored tea or as an accompaniment to a nice hot chocolate.

It will be because of the cinnamon, I find that these cookies are particularly suitable for the Christmas period. However, I love to prepare them all year round, because they are fast and fragrant ;-).

Other cinnamon recipes you can prepare with Thermomix are (you should know I love cinnamon by now!!!!!!): the Cinnamon Rolls or the delicious Apple Pie.


for about 40 cookies

- 125 g cold unsalted butter
- 250 g plain flour
- A pinch of fine salt
- A tsp of ground cinnamon
- 130 g muscovado sugar
- 20 g wildflower honey
- One medium egg

Let's cook

Put 125 g unsalted cold butter, 250 g plain flour, a pinch of fine salt, a tsp ground cinnamon in the mixing bowl 15 Sec. Speed 4.

Add 130 g muscovado sugar, 20 g wildflower honey, one medium egg. Knead 1 Min. And 30 Sec. Dough Mode.

Turn the dough over onto a surface with parchment paper. Roll out another sheet of parchment paper on top and roll out with a rolling pin to get to a height of 3-4 mm.

Then with a rolling pin inlaid with drawings, pass over the dough in order to leave the design on the cinnamon shortcrust pastry.

With a pastry cutter or cookie cutters, cut out shapes from the dough without detaching it.

Put the dough with all the parchment paper on a plate and put it in the refrigerator for 15 Min. so that it cools and the molds come off more easily.

After this time, remove the cookies and bake 15 Min. 180C.

Quickly re-knead the remaining dough and repeat the previous operation, putting the drawn shortcrust pastry back in the refrigerator.

Proceed like this until you have finished all the dough.


If you prefer, you can replace the muscovado sugar with cane or granulated sugar.

For an even stronger cinnamon taste, add more!

You can use the cookie cutters you like best.

If you don't have a rolling pin inlaid with the designs, you can make plain cookies without decorations.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Biscotti alla Cannella: Ricetta Bimby
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