Yogurt Ice Cream with Thermomix

This Yogurt Ice Cream is very good! You satisfy your ice cream whim but yogurt makes this ice cream a bit less caloric than other ice creams (like the Chocolate Ice Cream).

You can prepare the yogurt ice cream with your Thermomix too! Anyway it is not a low-fat recipe because there is 1/2 kg of whipping cream in it....

The Banana Ice Cream recipe instead is a low-fat recipe because it contains only yogurt and fruit.

Yogurt has got various good properties and it is very tasty too! It is always a big pleasure to eat dishes in which yogurt is one of the main ingredients! For instance I often prepare the classic yogurt cake and here you can find many variations:
- Apple Yogurt Cake with Hazelnuts
- Peach Yogurt Cake
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- Greek Yogurt Cake

I also love using goat milk yogurt too I buy from a specialised company in Sicily where I could see myself their products checks. Goat milk yogurt is suitable especially for those who are cow milk intolerant. I used a lot of it when my elder daughter used to threw cow milk up...while she could digest goat milk perfectly! So until today I'm still using goat milk yogurt in many dishes, one of this is ice cream.

This ice cream recipe has been sent by the very good Erika Viola. She sent many delicious recipes!


- 600 g Yogurt
- 500 g Fresh Whipping Cream
- 1 tbsp Thickener Agar-Agar
- 200 g Sugar

How to prepare the Yogurt Ice Cream

Put sugar in the bowl and make into powder. 10 Sec. Speed 10.

Add the other ingredients and stir. 30 Sec. Speed 5.

Keep refrigerated (in freezer) for the whole night in a large flat disposable aluminium tray.

Take out of the freezer and let warm a little bit for 5 Min.

Then cut into cubes and put them in the bowl. Mix. 20 Sec. Speed 5 and then 20 Sec. Speed 6 using spatula in the meantime.

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Translated from the Italian recipe
Gelato allo Yogurt col BImby

Photocredit: stuart_spivack