Thermomix Pavlova Recipe

Thermomix Pavlova Recipe

If there is a dessert that I find entrancing is the Pavlova cake: sweet and fresh, beautiful and scenic enough to amaze everyone (even me, when I cook it). :-)

Pavlova is a typical dessert of Australia and New Zealand. From Wikipedia I discovered that it was created in 1935 by the chef of a Perth hotel, in honor of the dancer Anna Pavlova. And indeed he is as flimsy as a ballerina's tutu, isn't it?

Meringue, cream and fresh seasonal fruit. It is a dessert that makes you look great, especially on special occasions. It is said that to make this cake we need a good experience in the kitchen. Well… everything is possible with my Thermomix! Don't you think so?


For the meringue
- 330 g sugar
- 110 g of whites
- A pinch of salt
- A tsp vinegar
- A tsp cornstarch

To garnish
- 250 g fresh cream
- A tbsp sugar
- 6 strawberries
- 4 cherries
- A peach
- 2 apricots

Let's make our Pavlova

Prepare the meringue.

Turn on the oven at 200C.

Put 330 g sugar into the mixing bowl and reduce to icing 10 Sec. Turbo Mode.

Place the butterfly whisk in the mixing bowl, insert 110 g egg whites, a pinch of salt and whip 7 Min. 37C Speed 2.

Remove the lid and let it cool for 10 Min.

Add a tsp vinegar, a tsp cornstarch and mount 7 Min.Speed 2.

Place a sheet of baking paper on a plate and, with the help of a sac à poche or a spoon, distribute the meringue so as to form a disc of about 20 cm, with high edges and a little concave in the center.

Lower the oven temperature to 160C, put the meringue in the oven and cook for 15 Min.

Turn the oven off and leave the meringue inside with the door closed for 50 Min..

Take it out and let it cool completely.

Prepare the garnish: insert the butterfly whisk in the clean and dry mixing bowl, pour 250 g fresh cream and whip 2 Min. Speed 3.

At 1 Min. from the end, add a tbsp sugar from the hole in the lid.

Wash and cut 6 strawberries, 4 cherries, a peach, 2 apricots and leave aside.

Assemble the cake: place the meringue on a fairly large plate, place the whipped cream on the meringue and garnish with the fruit.

Leave to rest in the refrigerator for about 2 hours before serving.

My advice

Obviously ... use the fruit you like best to garnish your Pavlova. Generally the passion fruit is never missing. :-)

To whip-up the egg whites to perfection, have a look at this post on whipping egg-whites into stiff peaks.

Store the Pavlova in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.

The meringue cooking depends on the type of oven you use: times and temperatures may change. To avoid mistakes, know that it is always preferable to cook the base at a low temperature and maybe leave it a little more at rest in the oven. The meringue should dry and cook only slightly!

As an alternative to whipped cream, you can make chantilly cream, by mixing whipped cream and custard in same quantities.

To lay the meringue on the baking paper you can easily use a pastry bag!

Mini pavlova are perfect for a special dinner or for a buffet. Just as big as a mouthful...

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