Thermomix waffles

Thermomix waffles

I finally discovered the waffles recipe or waffel or wafel: try it too and you won't be able to do without it! It's a bit like when you discover crepes: every occasion is good to prepare them, to make them taste, to enjoy something good with friends, perhaps accompanied by a good hot tea ... I don't mean chocolate, because then to be able to all get up from the table you would need the pulley! ;-) 

The waffles are tall and soft. They are sweets of slightly leavened and porous dough which, thanks to the structure, practically honeycomb, are suitable to be accompanied with sauces of all kinds: chocolate sauce, forest fruit sauce, white chocolate sauce, Nutella Thermomix and so on, perhaps with a nice tuft of cream.

My recipe for waffles is yeast-free and this is because, thanks to the Thermomix, I whipped the egg whites until stiff. This guarantees the softness of the pods without the need to use yeast.

I also tried them in an American contamination, with maple syrup: wonderful! 

Can waffles be cooked without a plate? Many ask me. Well, you can also cook the dough in a pan, but what characterizes these cakes is the lattice or honeycomb structure and the height. Cooking in a pan (and not with the special plate) you do not have this effect and you can hardly call them waffles anymore ...

So, take courage! Get the plate, it doesn't cost a fortune! If you don't have time to browse for this great kitchen tool, you can always buy the waffle iron on Amazon. Your breakfasts will be memorable. ;-) 

Delicious sweets to be served with all sorts of sauces are also pancakes and sweet crepes, the latter also in the gluten-free or egg-free version!


(8 pieces)
- 100 g white sugar
- 3 eggs
- A tbsp vanilla sugar
- 200 g plain flour
-140 g unsalted butter + as needed
- 120 g whole milk

Let's cook

Turn on the waffle maker so the plate heats up well. Put 60 g white sugar in the mixing bowl, close with the measuring cup and mix 10 Sec. Speed 10.

Open 3 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Put the butterfly whisk in the mixing bowl, add the 3 egg whites to the sugar and whip 3 Min. 37C Speed 4. Set aside. 

Remove the butterfly whisk. Without washing the mixing bowl, add 40 g sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla sugar, 3 egg yolks, 200 g plain flour, 140 g unsalted butter, 120 g whole milk and mix 20 Sec. Speed 5.

Combine the mixture with the whipped egg whites and make it homogeneous, with the help of a spatula, with a movement from the bottom up. 

Grease the plate with butter as needed. Pour the mixture into on the waffel plate and follow the cooking times of the machine. About 10 Min.


Let the dough rest in a bowl, covered with a cloth, for 15/20 Min.

Translated from the Waffel Bimby
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