Chocolate Cupcakes Thermomix

Chocolate Cupcakes Thermomix

The desire for chocolate must be satisfied! Just a sweet like these Thermomix chocolate cupcakes to make your wish come true :-)

Chocolate is a passion. Chocolate is good for you. Chocolate is therapeutic. All phrases that I fully agree!:-)

For me it is a passion because when I enter a pastry shop, even when I am abroad, I choose to taste a dessert with chocolate first.

It is good, especially if it is melted and worked up to 40 °, because it is rich in antioxidants. Then, chocolate is energy!

It is therapeutic because it treats even the darkest mood. And then…

Once, some time ago, my friend Claudia had a fever of 38.7, so suddenly. Sad because she was forced to stay in bed, she called me begging me to go and see her… How to back out? So, taking advantage of the children's school hours, I brought her these delicious chocolate cupcakes made with the Thermomix.

Who knows if it was thanks to the sweets, but the next day she was fine! :-)

Do you like these delicious cupcakes? Their peculiarity is the combination of the cake with the frosting cream, which makes them greedy!


(12 pieces)
For the cupcakes
- 100 g dark chocolate
- 180 g unsalted butter at room temperature
- 120 g granulated sugar
- 2 medium eggs
- 60 g fresh whole milk
- 160 g plain flour
- 45 g unsweetened cocoa powder
- 8 g baking powder

For the ganache
- 250 g dark chocolate
- 250 g fresh cream
- 60 g unsalted butter
- 50 g granulated sugar

Let's cook

Prepare the cupcakes.

Put 100 g dark chocolate in the mixing bowl and chop 10 Sec. Slowly going from Speed 0 to Speed 8.

Then add 180 g unsalted butter and melt 4 Min. 50C Speed 1.

Add 120 g granulated sugar, 2 medium eggs, 60 g fresh whole milk, 160 g plain flour, 45 g unsweetened cocoa powder and mix 20 Sec. Speed 5.

Add 8 g baking powder and mix 20 Sec. Speed 5.

Place paper cups in the muffin containers and fill them 3/4 full.

Bake in a preheated static oven at 180C for 20 Min.

Once ready, let the tartlets cool completely.

Meanwhile, make the ganache.

Mount the butterfly whisk in the clean mixing bowl.

Pour 200 g fresh liquid cream and 50 g granulated sugar and whip 2 Min. Speed 3. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Without washing the mixing bowl, but cleaning all residues well with the spatula, add 250 g dark chocolate and chop 10 Sec. Speed 8. The chocolate must be well chopped, so possibly increase the time.

Add 50 g fresh liquid cream and 60 g unsalted butter and melt 2 Min. 50C Speed 3. Leave to cool in the mixing bowl.

When the chocolate has cooled, put the butterfly whisk and pour the whipped cream set aside. Mix 6 Sec. Speed 4.

Put the ganache in a pastry bag or in a pastry syringe with a star nozzle.

Decorate each cupcake with ganache.


If you like, decorate the ganache with pieces of chocolate, colored sprinkles or sugars.
Translated from the Cupcake al cioccolato
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