Zucchini cake Thermomix recipe

Sweet version of vegetables: try them with this sweet zucchini cake Thermomix recipe ;-)

After trying the pumpkin cake, which I really like, I couldn't hold back when friends asked me for the zucchini pie one afternoon.

Camouflaging vegetables has always been my personal research, a sort of luminous way to go to get to eat vegetables at home !! Despite my strong passion for the land and its products, despite the fact that I taste all the vegetables during pregnancy, not even I am free from whims and stitching when something green and cooked arrives at the table.

Here, I must say that when the green is also cooked, it seems that the maximum affront is put in place and the stitching becomes serious. Not that I indulge them completely, but I don't find it the right way to open the doors of taste! So here I am experimenting with many recipes ...

Happy to have also tried this sweet zucchini pie with the Thermomix. I'll be honest: I thought I had to divide it between my husband and me, as happens sometimes with “grown-up” sweets. Instead she disappeared in silence, without our intervention ;-)

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Good cooking with the Zucchini cake Thermomix recipe!


(8 people)
- 100 g of shelled almonds
- 300 g of zucchini
- 3 medium eggs
- 250 g of sugar
- 250 g of plain flour
- Tbsp vanilla sugar
- 200 g of seed oil
- 16 g backing powder
- Icing sugar to taste

Let's cook

Put 100 g of shelled almonds in the mixing bowl and chop 10 Sec. Speed 10. Set aside.

Put 300 g of washed, peeled and cuted into pieces zucchini into the mixing bowl and mince 5 Sec. Speed 5.

Transfer them to the Varoma basket and squeeze lightly to release the excess water. Set them aside with the almond flour.

Place the butterfly whisk in the mixing bowl, add 3 medium eggs, 250 g of sugar and whip 2 Min. Speed 3. You have to get a frothy mixture.

Add 250 g of plain flour, a tbsp of vanilla sugar, 200 g of seed oil, the almond flour and the zucchini set aside. Mix 2 Min. Speed 3.

Add 16 g of backing powder and mix again for 30 Sec. Speed 3.

Pour the mixture into a buttered (or lined with backing paper) pan of 24 cm and bake in the oven for 60 Min. At 180C. Do the toothpick test and take out of the oven.
Let the cake cool before turning it out or it will break all.

Place it on the plate and sprinkle it with icing sugar before serving.


You can also use hazelnuts instead of almonds.

For a more intense flavor, use the seeds of a vanilla bean instead of vanilla sugar: cut the berry along the entire length with a sharp knife, scrape the seeds and place them in the mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients, preferably with eggs and sugar.

Translated from the Torta di zucchine dolce
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