Seafood Risotto with Thermomix

Would you like to make seafood risotto with Thermomix?

Seafood goes very well with rice, and you can take this recipe as a base and make your own version.

This is Grazia Parente's version of a thermomix seafood risotto.

The most important thing when making risotto, is choosing the right rice: go for arborio or carnaroli or anything that makes lots of starch. Long grain, basmati or jasmine won't work.

In particular, I love seafood risotto because it always reminds me of summer holidays and the little vending stand on the beach that used to sell these take away delicacies. What a big pleasure it was to eat this tasty risotto while looking at the waves breaking up to the shore!

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- 400gr Rice
- 300gr your favourite Seafood (for me is prawns, mussels, clams and squid)
- 2        Garlic Cloves
- 1        Spring Onion
- 60gr   Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 30gr   White Wine
- 2        Ripe Tomatoes, chopped
- 50gr   Tomato Sauce
- 900gr Water
- 2        Pinches Salt
- 1tbsp Chopped Parsley
- Black Pepper to taste

Let's make our Seafood Risotto

Put the oil, the garlic and the onion in the bowl. 3 Min. 100°C Speed 4.

Place the butterfly tool in, and add the seafood. 3 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Pour wine. 2 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Add tomatoes. 3 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Add water and rice. 14 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Pour in a serving dish, and add salt if necessary, add parsley, black pepper and mix well.

Let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes before serving.

Grazia's Advice

Use some fish stock instead of water if you like it more fishy.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Risotto ai Frutti di Mare col Bimby

Photocredit: c3lsius_bb