Primosale Cheese: How to Make Cheese with Thermomix

Have you ever thought of preparing a home-made fresh cheese like the Primosale Cheese?

Primosale is young pecorino cheese (sheep's milk cheese literally, but today is also made with cow's milk). It describes a pecorino in the early stages of maturation; the name literally means 'first salt'.
It is a light cheese, made only with milk, salt and rennet. It is considered as one of the lightest cheeses, with less calories than the others. That is why it is recommended to people with cholesterol problems or who are overweight. But it is delicious for everyone.

I love discovering secret recipes, preparing at home what they do in industries or making old recipes. At times the result is not what I was expecting but I can proudly say: "I did it myself!".

Everyone at home likes primosale cheese because it has got a delicate taste and it can be eaten alone or you can put it in salads or pastas cut into pieces, and you may even grill it. A few people know how to cook it, but I can ensure it can be used in a thousand way.

The recipe has been sent by Katia De Girolamo from Bitritto, she is the authoress of many recipes on this website like the Bacon and Peppers Pasta or the Corn Flakes Cookies. Katia writes: "It's hot now and it is the better period to prepare simple, quick and most important FRESH recipe!!!!" She is right!!!

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- 2 L Fresh Milk, room temperature
- 1 Tsp Salt
- 1 Tsp Natural Rennet (you can find it in a chemist's or in a cheese factory)

How to prepare the Primosale Cheese

Put milk and salt in the bowl and heat. 17 Min. 37°C Speed Gentle Stirring.

Add rennet and mix. 10 Sec. Speed 3.

Allow to rest for 20 Min.

Using a skimmer, put the cheese in a ricotta cheese strainer (like this) or something similar and wait until it is completely drained.

Katia's advice

You can flavour your cheese as you like with rocket or olives for example.

Anna Bimby Garofalo's advice

Keep it refrigerated for at least 12 hours because it must release the whey. The more it rests the more it thickens. Prepare it, it is so easy and so delicious!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Ricetta Formaggio Primo Sale col Bimby