Cherry Tomatoes, Olives and Oregano Apulian Focaccia with Thermomix

Would you like to try preparing an Apulian Focaccia Bread? It is a regional recipe traditionally prepared in our country, Italy. You can now prepare it with Thermomix at home!

The Apulian focaccia bread is a very summery recipe. It has got cherry tomatoes, olives and oregano in it and they all make it special.

I love Apulian cooking! It may be because I have a friend of mine, Francesca, who is from Apulia. When she invites me for dinner she makes me gain on at least one kilo! She always prepares food that has got a special taste, I don't know why! Her sauces, her pizzas...everything has a sunny taste even in winter!

So you can imagine my joy when Dario Santorini from Bari sent me this recipe!!!! Dario must always prepares "two or three" of these delicious focaccie because everyone wants them!

One of my cooking experiences stages has been (and still is) the discovering of salted leavened doughs. I love trying to prepare those things with a long leavening time waiting for the so much expected result. Of course with Thermomix part of the effort is done!

I've prepared this focaccia for my family on a day we went to do a short break out of town instead of buying that unhealthy, expensive, ready-to-eat food in a motorway café. It was sooooo good!!!! My daughters had a lot of fun in "removing" all the olives leaving to us the rest of focaccia.

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- 300 g Water
- 500 g All Purpose Flour
- 1 Brewer's Yeast Cube (about 20 g)
- 1 Pinch Sugar (1/3 Tbsp)
- 1 Tsp Full Fine Salt
- Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Oregano
- Olives

How to prepare the Apulian Focaccia

Put water in the bowl. 30 Sec. 50°C Speed 1.

Add the yeast. 10 Sec. Speed 7.

Add flour, salt and sugar. 30 Sec. Speed 7 and 1 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and shape to a balls.

Take a 28-30 cm diameter baking pan (possibly non-stick) and pour in abundant extra-virgin olive oil (oil must cover the pan bottom).

Put the dough in the middle of the pan and let it rest in a dark and dry place. 15-20 Min.

Turn the dough around (it must be covered in oil) and roll it out using your fingers tips starting from the middle.

Dress with cherry tomatoes cut in a hald and pushed inside the dough, the olives and the oregano. Spread with olive oil.

Let it rest again. 80 Min.

Cook in pre-heated oven. 15-20 Min. 200°C.
It is ready when it reaches a golden colour.

Dario's advice

For a perfect leavening you must cover the pan with a cloth and put it in a place with closed windows, or better, inside the closed oven (turned off).
For those who love soft focaccia bread I suggest a shorter cooking, less than 15 minutes while for those who like crunchier and more golden focaccias I suggest a longer cooking, until 20 minutes.
You may also fill it with cheese or cold cuts.
If well preserved, it is good even after 2 days.

Rosaria's advice

I've tried to prepare this recipe and I've made some variations: I hadn't heated water, I used room temperature sparkling was a big success!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Focaccia Barese col Bimby

Photocredit: comeilmare