Cocoa Powder Cake: Black Cloud with Thermomix

Cocoa Powder Cake: Black Cloud with Thermomix

The Cocoa powder Cake or "Black Cloud"is a delicious recipe to prepare when you feel like eating a cocoa treat.

I like it very much because it is an extremely easy cake with an enormously soft consistency...that is where its name derives! I think a cake is perfect when it is light and soft and not "heavy" you can't even digest it!

This cocoa cake is really good in every moment, especially during your afternoon snack but what I've noticed is that this cake is just irresistible...I was so tempted by it was all finished up in a couple of hours! :-)

Last time my greedy daughters had a quarter of it while it was still hot. I and my husband tasted it with eyes closed...we were almost dreaming about being surrounded by chocolate! All of this thanks to my Thermomix!

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- 180 g unsalted butter
- 230 g sugar
- 3 eggs
- 180 plain flour
- 50 g cocoa powder
- 60 g whole milk
- 16 g baking powder

Lets' cook

Turn on the oven at 160C.

Put 180 g unsalted butter in the mixing bowl and melt 2 Min. 60C Speed 1 (if necessary, increase the time until the butter is well melted).

Add 230 g sugar. 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Add 3 eggs with moving blades at Speed 3.

Add 180 g plain flour and 50 g of cocoa powder and mix 2 Min. Speed 4. Add 60 g whole milk. 1 Min. Speed 4. Add a 16 g backing powder and mix 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Pour everything into a greased and floured ring cake baking pan.

Bake in the oven 40-45 Min. 160C.


I prefer eating it "natural". However you may fill the "Black Cloud" with what you like the most: Custard, Chantilly Cream or Whipped Cream as much as you like!

Translated from the Torta al cacao nuvola nera
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