Thermomix Croissant Recipe

Home-made brioche croissants made with my Thermomix always cheer up my family's breakfast :-) They are so simple, you really make them in a flash and you can be sure you're eating something truly healthy.

This recipe has been suggested by Raffaella Mattivi from Bolzano. Quantities refer to model TM31.

A brioche is a baked leavened pastry, filled in with jam, custard or chocolate. Usually it is eaten for breakfast ( as my husband knows very well) but also for an afternoon snack: my three daughters can easily confirm that! :-)

The term "brioche" in Northern Italy also refers to a "real" French croissants, which is mostly known as "cornetto" in Southern and Central Italy.

The most famous quote about brioches is commonly mis-attributed to Queen Marie-Antoinette who is said to have advised, with regard to peasants who had no bread, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", commonly translated as "Let them eat brioches".

If you like brioches in general you may try preparing the Sweet Brioche Bread, the Cinnamon Rolls, the Brioche Bread, the Croissants or some salty doughs like the Neapolitan Rustic Brioche.


- 230 g Milk
- 20 g Brewer's Yeast
- 1 tsp Sugar
- 80 g Butter
- 90 g Sugar
- 2 Egg Yolks
- 500 g Plain Flour
- 1 pinch Salt

How to prepare the Thermomix Croissant Recipe

Put milk, yeast and a tsp of sugar in the bowl. 1 Min. 37°C Speed 3.

Add butter and the rest of sugar. 1 Min. 37°C Speed 3.

Add egg yolks, flour and a pinch of salt. 3 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

Divide the dough into two equal parts and roll out to a circular shape, 2-3 mm thick.

Cut into slices (about 8) and roll them from the largest to the narrowest side. (This video will help you understand)

Put on a baking pan and let leaven for the whole night.

Bake until golden. 160°C 15-20 Min.

My Advice

The best way to eat brioches is when they're still warm, just taken out from the oven because they tend to change their consistency after one day or more. Do not worry! Just heat them a little bit in the oven or microwave oven and they'll be freshly baked like again!

Or you may freeze some of them because you will have many brioches from this dough. I usually thaw them out the night before and bake them first in the morning.

Raffaella Mattivi's advice

You can also use margarine instead of butter and also use lactose-free milk.

Lucia's suggestions

I usually replace the two egg yolks with one entire egg, I put 400 g plain flour and 100 g "Manitoba" flour, I add more sugar, about 20 or 30 grams and I replace butter (or margarine) with vegetable oil...the result is must try that!!

Federica's suggestions

I've made this recipe using 120 g of sugar and 1 tablespoon of Nutella spread inside each brioche croissant, then I spread them with 1 entire whipped egg!!...a real deli!!

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Translated from the Italian recipe
Brioches: Ricetta Bimby TM31

Photocredit: blmurch