Greek Yogurt Cake with Almonds: Thermomix Recipe

The recipe for this Greek Yogurt Cake with Almonds to prepare with Thermomix is the result of a Rossella Barbati's idea, she is from Naples.

Rossella wanted to prepare the classic Caprese Cake but she had not some of the ingredients at her disposal. As a result she invented this version of the cake with what she had at home! She then created a mix of a simple yogurt cake and a caprese cake. The result? Well, according to Rossella is "delicious". :-)

Rossella uses the yogurt pot as a measure. You don't even need to weigh the ingredients.

Greek yogurt, which is thicker than normal yogurt, gives the cake a nicely soft consistency that is perfect when you wake in the morning or need a sweet afternoon treat. A very special cake, not heavy at all. Almonds then, confer a fine touch that exalts the cake softness.

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6 people serving

- 1 Greek Yogurt Pot (use this pot as measuring Tub)
- 3 Eggs
- 1 Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Tub
- 1 and 1/2 Sugar Tub
- 2 Almonds Tubs, finely ground, not peeled (about 100 g)
- 1 Plain Flour Tub
- 1 pinch Salt
- 15 g Baking Powder
- Chocolate Chips, according to your taste

How to prepare the Greek Yogurt Cake with Almonds

Put all the ingredients in the bowl, except for baking powder and chocolate chips. 30 Sec. Speed 5.

Add baking powder and mix for a few seconds more.

Pour this mixture in a buttered and floured round baking pan.

Add chocolate chips and bake. 170°C for about 50 Min.

How to prepare the Greek Yogurt Cake with Almonds without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Torta Yogurt Greco e Mandorle Bimby

Photocredit: mach-ms