Thermomix Apple and Amaretti Tart

Thermomix Apple and Amaretti Tart

The Apple and Amaretti Tart is a very particular and refined alternative to a classic apple tart.

A bitter-sweet taste combination because of the presence of apples and amaretti gives an intense and strong savour to the tart as well as a unique flavour!!!

This Apple and Amaretti Tart is very easy and quick to prepare, it is perfect for breakfast, afternoon break accompanied by a cup of tea and as a dessert.

The recipe has been suggested by Valentina Campostrini from Avio (TN) who wrote: "This is my grandma's recipe. It is effortless and genuine...".

I served it on my dad's name day who is very fond of amaretti. For my nephews I replaced amaretti with almonds that they simply adore and I must say the result was absolutely scrumptious!

The Apple and Amaretti Tart is perfectly accompanied by a Moscato Giallo, a very refined and flavoured straw-yellow wine with a bouquet of melon, rose petals and carnations. A sweet, soft and flavourful taste characterises it.

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- 1 Shortbread Pastry dough, recipe on basic cookbook or 1 ready to cook Pie Crust
- 3 Apples
- 7/8 Amaretti Biscuits
- Butter knobs to taste

How to prepare Thermomix Apple and Amaretti Tart

Prepare shortbread pastry and keep it refrigerated for about 30 Min.

After this time, roll out a little more than a half pastry dough in a 20/22 cm (50/55") diameter baking pan lined with baking paper.

Place apple thin slices on the dough in rays, cover with ground amaretti and add some butter knobs.

Bake at 180°C/356°F for about 30 Min.

Remove from oven and serve dusting with icing sugar.

My advice

You can enrich your tart by adding a layer of custard or jam directly on the pastry and then adding apples and amaretti as indicated in the recipe.

About apples: I suggest you choose one of these varieties:
- Golden Delicious, an intense yellow apple with sweet, perfumed and juicy pulp;
- Fuji, light to dark red peel on a yellow-green background with a sweet-acidic crunchy and juicy pulp.
- Royal Gala, red and yellow peel with a fine, crunchy, juicy and sweet pulp.

To prepare an appetising dessert, you can make mini tarts, following the same method and serving them with some basic custard ice cream, a mint leaf and some icing sugar.

How to prepare an Apple and Amaretti Tart without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Crostata di Mele e Amaretti Bimby

Photocredit: missmeng