Thermomix Almond Milk

Thermomix Almond Milk Recipe

This Thermomix Almond Milk recipe is inspired to the traditional tasty and refreshing cold drink which I discovered in Sicily, and is commonly consumed in most Italian southern regions. Like many traditional Italian recipes, its use is tied to religion.

Almond milk is a great substitute for dairy milk, and since the middle ages people have been drinking it mostly during lent. It then became a staple of medieval kitchens because it doesn't spoil as quickly as animal milk.

During my frequent trips to Sicily I had countless occasions to enjoy it, and it doesn't surprise me that people like to refer to it as the "Nectar of the Gods".

It's basically an infusion of water, sugar and almonds which only looks like dairy, and has a distinguished, unmistakable flavour: very sweet, with a full almond aroma. If you sip it with your eyes closed, you'll find yourself in a Sicilian almond field within seconds!

Although this beverage is mostly served cold or iced like a slushie, it may be consumed throughout the whole year on one condition: don't get too much of it at once, as it's high in calories ;-)

Containing several vitamins (B1, B2, D, E), being rich in proteins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium, we definitely regard it as a good source of nutrients.

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This recipe is originally by Annarita Delli Compagni. I made a few changes to be able to process it with the Thermomix.


- 700 gr Water
- 50 gr Peeled Almonds
- 3-4 tbsp Brown Sugar

Let's make our first Almond Milk Recipe

Grind almonds with sugar 30 Sec. Speed. 6 to Speed. 8. Put aside.

Pour water in Thermomix bowl. 7 Min. 100ยบ C Speed.1. You may also boil the water separately, as suggested by Annarita.

Add almonds. 30 Sec. Speed. 5 and 1 Min. Speed. 8.

Once cooled, keep milk refrigerated. Lasts 3 to 4 days. Shake bottle before serving.

Recipe 2

This recipe has been translated from the Italian website


- 100 gr Sugar
- 200 gr Peeled Almonds
- 1 pinch Cinnamon
- 1000 gr Water

Let's make our second Almond Milk Recipe

Pour 600 gr water approx in the bowl and boil. 7 Min. 100° C Speed. 1.

Add almonds and mix. 3 Min. Speed. Soft Reverse. Drain and peel almonds.

Dry bowl and add peeled almonds and sugar. 20 Sec. Speed. 6.

Add cinnamon and slowly, from the lid's hole, pour 300 gr water approx on Speed. 3 until obtaining a soft mixture.

Pour mixture on a clean cotton tea-towel, wrap it up and put it in a colander. Squeeze out liquid and pour it into a bottle. Place bottle in the fridge together with the left-over mixture.

Whenever you feel like a glass of almond milk, just dissolve a bit of the mixture in water. You may repeat this procedure up to 4 times.

My Advice

You might like to add two teaspoons of orange-water to obtain a unique aroma.
Another option, is to add a tbs of icing sugar.

If you like, you may even choose not to filter the milk and have the almond bits floating in your drink: some people like a bit of crunchiness!

How to make this recipe without a Thermomix


Translated from the Italian recipe Latte di Mandorla Bimby
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