Yogurt with Thermomix

Have you ever thought of making yogurt at home? Now you can make it with your own thermomix following one of these recipes. You'll be so satisfied!

It may seem strange, but the ingredients of yogurt are milk and yogurt itself that feeds milk with alive ferments (bacteria) and gives it that typical sour taste.

You can read "Natural yogurt" on many yogurt tubs. What does it mean? Are the others "not natural" then? I mean: "What do they contain?" Probably flavourings and preservatives that keep yogurt long lasting and make it more appetising. But they're not very good for our health. That's why I think making yogurt at home is a fantastic idea because you don't need to buy other kitchenware.

Once I've tried to prepare ricotta cheese with milk and vinegar. I had found the recipe in a magazine and the "small chemist" inside me couldn't resist. The result hasn't been fantastic and it had a very different taste from the fresh ricotta I had bought in a typical shop on the mountain, but as always I was very satisfied. That's why I won't hesitate to try one or all the recipes suggested on the Italian Facebook page by the fans. (English Facebook page here)

Many of them are very similar as you may notice. Putting them all together you may prepare YOUR own Yogurt recipe with Thermomix!

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Recipe n° 1

This is Antonella Deodato's recipe


- 1 L Raw Milk
- 1 Full-Fat Natural Yogurt (far best before date)

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

Put milk in the bowl and pasteurise. 5 Min. 80°C Speed 3.

Let cool until it reaches 37°C.

Take a glass of milk out of the bowl and let yogurt dissolve in it.

Pour this dissolved yogurt in the bowl while the knives are moving at Speed 2 and mix.

Pour it in glass jars.

Put the jars covered with a pile fabric cloth inside a thermal bag with a bottle with hot water.

Let rest for 12 Hours.

Keep the jars refrigerated.

Antonella's advice

I don't add sugar during the preparation, I just add it when I eat it together with fresh fruit.

Recipe n° 2

This is Stefania Dacasto's recipe.


- 1 L Full-Fat Fresh Milk
- 1 Natural Yogurt Tub

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

Let milk boil. 8 Min. 100°C Speed 2.

Let cool until it reaches 37°C, then add the yogurt tub. 20 Sec. Speed 5.

Pour it in a thermal bottle and let rest for 8-10 Hours.

Pour in glass jars and keep refrigerated.

Recipe n° 3

This is Rita Caracciolo's recipe.


- 1 L Full-Fat Milk
- 2 Full-Fat Natural Yogurt tubs
-100 g Sugar

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

Pulverise sugar. 15 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add the other ingredients and cook. 5 Min. 50°C Speed 3.

Let the mixture rest inside the bowl covered with a blanket for the whole night.

Put in jars and keep refrigerated.

Rita's advice

Remember to keep two of the jars to use as starter to make new yogurt.

Recipe n° 4

This is Nadia D'Ubaldi's recipe.


- 1 L Milk
- 1 Yogurt Tub

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

Pour milk in the bowl and cook. 10 Min. 50°C Speed 3.

Add yogurt. 30 Sec. Speed 3.

Pour this mixture in a thermal container or in a hermetic container covered with a wool cloth and let rest for 10 hours.

Recipe n° 5

This is Agata Gabriella Ursino Manola's recipe who wrote: "I make it this way and it's very good!"


- 1 L High Quality Fresh Milk
- 1 Activia Natural Yogurt

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

Pour milk in the bowl. 10 Min. 40°C-50°C Speed 1-2.

Add yogurt and mix. 15 Sec. Speed 3.

Cover the bowl with a wool blanket and let rest for the whole night.

The yogurt is ready the morning after.

Agata Gabriella's advice

You can reuse a glass of this yogurt as a starter for the new one for 4-5 times. Then you'd better start again with a new Activia yogurt.

Recipe n° 6

This is Paola de Filippis's recipe


- 1 L Fresh Full-Fat Pasteurised Milk
- 1 Activia Natural (or fruit flavoured) Yogurt

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

If milk isn't pasteurised. 5 Min. 80°C Speed 3.

If milk has been already pasteurised. Heat it in the bowl. 10 Min. 50°C Speed 2.

Pour the yogurt and mix. 5 Min. Speed 3.

Leave the bowl in its position and cover with a wool blanket.

Let rest for at least 12 Hours.

Filter yogurt with a strainer and pour it in a container. Close and keep refrigerated.

Paola's advice

If you like sweet yogurt, you can add some spoons of sugar to the milk before heating it. While if you want to flavour it with fruits you can use fruit yogurt or make it natural and then add whatever you want: jams, syrups, etc....

If you preserve about 125g of this yogurt you've made, you can use it as starter for the next times (about 3 or 4. Then it will loose consistency).

Recipe n° 7

This recipe and the next one are both by Giulia Caruso who sent me two versions.


- 1 L Semi-Skimmed Milk
- 1 Activia Natural Yogurt
- 20 g Sugar (optional)

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

Pour milk and sugar in the bowl. 10 Min. 40-50°C Speed 1-2.

Add yogurt. 30 Sec. Speed 3.

Remove the bowl from its place and cover with a wool blanket for 10 Hours.

Giulia's advice

You can preserve a bit of this yogurt you've made and use it as starter for the next times (max 5 or 6 times).

If you want it thicker, strain it.

Recipe n° 8

Giulia Caruso's second recipe.


- 1 L UHT Milk
- 1 Danone Bio Natural Yogurt or Nestlé Natural LC1

How to prepare Yogurt with Thermomix

Pour milk in the bowl. 10 Min. 50° Speed 3.

Mix well the yogurt in a separate bowl and add the same quantity of hot water whipping with a fork.

Pour this mixture in the bowl and cover it with a wool blanket.

Let rest for 9-10 Hours.

Keep refrigerated for 4 Hours before eating it.

It can be kept refrigerated for 4-5 days.

Your suggestions

Francesca Albanese
I use the same recipe of Rita, but I use Natural Activia, it is very good...for those who love sour yogurt.

Beatrice Marasi
The wool blanket is necessary because it maintains the temperature. Otherwise the ferments fall asleep!

Laura Birolini
To have a thicker yogurt you may use full-fat uht milk. It is better. Fruit and sugar are added when you must eat it.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Yogurt col Bimby