Aubergine Croquettes with Thermomix

Aubergine Croquettes with Thermomix What can we invent to make our children eat aubergines? Aubergine croquettes of course! 

Aubergines are a very versatile vegetable but usually children don't like it. 

I love aubergine-based dishes like Pickled Aubergines, Parmigiana Aubergines or Stuffed Aubergine Rolls. Unfortunately children don't like them at all. I don't know, I think children doesn't like seeing the dark colour of the peel or the undefined colour of the pulp. 

So that's how you can disguise the aubergine aspect transforming them into great croquettes like I did with these Red Potatoes and Aubergines Croquettes Croquettes are a very precious subterfuge with children. You can prepare them with everything you want and they eat them with pleasure. 

Maybe for their round shape, or for the bread-crumbs that covers strong tastes. However, up for croquettes! 

 have got many meatballs recipes too on this website such as the Spinach Meatballs, the Lentil Meatballs or the Genoese Pesto Meatballs. I must say my daughters love these aubergine croquettes. They eat them one after the other with their own hands and they are very happy to do that! I and my husband love them too because they are a very quick and tasty summer side-dish. We eat them even cold and I think they are even better!!!! You can also offer them as a starter for a dinner.


- Some basil leaves
- 600 g aubergines
- 500 g water
- 2 eggs
- 120 g bread-crumbs (+ more for the covering)
- 60 g parmesan cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano)
- Salt to taste
- extra virgin olive oil to fry

Let's cook

Put basil leaves in the mixing bowl and grind 5 Sec. Speed 7. Put aside.

Cut 600 g aubergines into pieces and put them in the Varoma tray.

Pour 500 g water in the mixing bowl, put the lid on and place the Varoma tray. Cook20 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

Remove the cooking water, put the aubergines inside the bowl and add 2 eggs, 120 g breadcrumbs, the ground basil, 60 g parmesan cheese and the salt. Mix10 Sec. Speed 6.

Shape the mixture into many small balls.

Cover with bread-crumbs and fry in abundant extra virgin olive oil.


You can add more parmesan cheese according to your taste.

The mixture must not be too much solid but a little bit softish. But if you think it gets too much soft with these quantities, you can add some more bread-crumbs or parmesan cheese to the mixture.

Translated from the Italian recipe Polpette di Melenzane col Bimby

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